Tom Brady has a career that can be classified as one of the greatest in sports. Each legendary career in sports has a nightmare that took them a long time to overcome.

Michael Jordan couldn’t get past the Detroit Pistons. Barry Bonds was surrounded by steroids during his times in San Francisco. Tiger Woods had too many women that he was sleeping with to name a few.

Which leads us to Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is arguably the greatest player in NFL history. His biggest nightmare is none other than Steve Spagnuolo.

Spagnuolo happens to always fluster Tom Brady. Brady hasn’t had high successes vs Spagnolo-based defenses going back to Super Bowl XLII. In Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots were overwhelmingly favorited against the New York Giants.

Brady and the Patriots only put up 14 points against that defense. Tom’s perfect season was over and the Giants stunned the Patriots with Spagnuolo calling the defensive plays for the Giants. Spagnuolo reunites with Andy Reid in Kansas City for the 2019 season after spending 8 years with Reid in Philadelphia.

Kansas City plays against New England in December 2019 against guess who? Tom Brady, and if you know Brady in Foxborough during the month of December?

Good Luck…….. Kansas City won that game, 23-16.

Brady had less than 200 yards passing in the loss to the Chiefs. With Spagnuolo calling the defense, Spagnuolo comes out on top again. We witnessed the Chiefs play the Bucs this year with another battle with Spagnuolo and Brady. Brady overall performed better than his previous times with New England, however Brady still had two interceptions in a 27-24 Kansas City win over Tampa Bay.

The biggest question on Super Bowl Sunday is simply this. Can Brady escape his nightmare against Steve Spagnuolo? Will Steve Spagnuolo continue to haunt Tom Brady?

Find out during Super Bowl LV tonight!





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