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The Business of Addiction Treatment

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Rates of addiction to opioid drugs are escalating at a rapid pace across the United States. Each day, emergency rooms across the country deal with an average of 115-overdose cases related to the misuse or abuse of these drugs.

Despite these terrifying statistics, President Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge the fact that the country is in the midst of an opioid crisis. The plague of the opioid epidemic is now the leading cause of death for individuals under the age of 35.

Why Government Won’t Recognize the Opioid Health Crisis

Given the health crisis presented on the American population, by abuse of prescription medications such as opioids, it’s a wonder why the government won’t recognise the extent of the situation. The answer lies in the fact that pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying fees each year.

Companies, such as Purdue pharma; the inventors of the potent opioid painkiller OxyContin, spend millions convincing government officials not to recognise the extent of the problem.

Creating Addicts to Treatment Therapy – Suboxone and Methadone

Furthermore, addiction treatment is big business in the United States. Rehabilitation facilities are interested in making money more than they are in helping people kick their addiction. Healthcare insurance allows for drug rehabilitation. Therefore, treatment facilities have an incentive to keep individuals addicted to their drug of choice. The system creates a revolving door of addicts visiting their facilities for treatment.

The use of therapeutic drugs to treat addiction, such as Suboxone and Methadone produce billions of dollars in revenue for pharmaceutical companies every year. Unfortunately, these drugs have a high potential for abuse and misuse. Both methadone and Suboxone are readily available on the black market, and users often develop a dependence on the dug that forces them into finding street sources of Suboxone and methadone.

Treat Opioid Addiction with Ibogaine – A Natural Alternative

There is a natural treatment for opioid and stimulant drug addiction in the form of ibogaine. This compound comes from the root bark of the iboga tree, native to the regions of central Africa. Ibogaine is tremendously successful in treating addiction to all forms of stimulants, opiates and synthetic opioids.

However, the Federal government in the United States have chosen to ban ibogaine and its use under the Federal law. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA,) classify ibogaine as a schedule 1 drug, making it unavailable for use in treatment centres.

Why Ibogaine is Illegal in The United States – The Conspiracy

Considering that ibogaine has next to no recreational use, it’s strange that the Federal government would choose to ban it.

The answer to the conundrum once again comes in the form of lobbyists on Capitol Hill. Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose billions in revenues, should ibogaine be decriminalised for use in addiction therapy.

Get the Help You Need in Mexico

Even though the United States outlaws the use of ibogaine, it’s possible for addicts to get the help they need by visiting a treatment facility in Mexico. As a result of the U.S ban, the ibogaine treatment business is thriving south of the border.

Mexico has no laws against the use of ibogaine and treatment facilities using ibogaine therapy note a tremendous success rate in curing people from addiction to opioids and stimulant drugs.

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