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Product Reviews: Is Bitdefender VPN Safe?

Bitdefender VPN is a product that was recently launched by Bitdefender Company. The company that was founded in 2001 in Romania is focused on the provision of security technologies to individuals and organizations. The company mainly deals with developing anti-virus software and other cybersecurity products until recently when they introduced their VPN service.

The company is renowned globally for its reliable anti-malware applications and security expertise. It has over 500 million users in more than 150 countries world over. The VPN Bitdefender package offered by the company secures your privacy whenever you connect to a wireless network that is not secure. It hides your device’s IP address and personal information from being accessible by hackers.

Its users can also access content that is restricted to specific geographical regions. The VPN secures your connection by encrypting data that is shared between your device and the network you are connected to. Bitdefender VPN offers a secure tunnel that keeps your online activities anonymous. However it is essential to know that Bitdefender VPN is not provided as a standalone app, but it functions alongside other Bitdefender antivirus packages.

Features of BitDefender

• Specs

Bitdefender VPN service is relatively new and has a limited number of servers that are accessible by its subscribers in more than 150 countries around the globe. You can use the VPN on Android, Windows, iOS and macOS devices as long as you have an active Bitdefender security solution subscription. You gain access to the VPN functionality which utilizes an OpenVPN protocol once you install a Bitdefender package. Take note that the Virtual Private Network software automatically connects a user to an optimal server and does not offer an alternative to change it. The user can then get up to 200MB per device for daily traffic. But in case you need unlimited data, you just upgrade to Bitdefender Premium VPN where you can connect to any available server.

• Is BitDefender safe? Privacy & Encryption

Bitdefender VPN offers its users secure encryption. It supports IKEv2 VPN, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec protocols. Furthermore, the VPN service provider does not share your online logs with any third parties. Whether the company keeps logs or not is not yet known. Still it guarantees its users privacy and safety when they are connected to public wireless networks and when accessing content in restricted areas. Its online defense mechanism conceals one’s IP address from unauthorized notice and accesses keeping you safe.

• Interface

The Bitdefender VPN interface displays all the options available to its users, making it easier for them to maneuver with considerable ease. BitDefender interface allows users to turn on or off the VPN by merely clicking on the tray icon which displays the status of the app whether it is connected or disconnected. There is an icon on the upper right side that gives its users access to additional options. The options allow users to get details of their account and customer support; they can also change settings to suit their needs and even upgrade their VPN version.

• Performance

Considering that Bitdefender VPN is still new in the industry, it has few servers that are accessible to its subscribers. Users who are close to the available servers have an advantage of high-speed connectivity. But those who are far away connect with much lower speeds. Bitdefender servers have been proven to offer satisfactory speeds for browsing and streaming. Congestion of servers additionally impacts performance negatively. If you browse the internet using Bitdefender VPN, you will experience slow performance as is expected of a VPN. Nonetheless, you can disconnect the VPN if you are not using it since it is an optional feature.

• Ease of use

Bitdefender VPN is easy to install with a Bitdefender package. Its settings also give you the option to connect to the VPN the moment Windows starts up. This convenience both in installation and connectivity makes it easier even for beginners to use. All you need to do is to access the VPN’s interface and customize the options availed to you to enjoy your streaming experience.

• Customer support

The customer support team of Bitdefender VPN is made up of knowledgeable technicians and certified representatives who are available 24/7. You can communicate with them through e-mail, phone or online services. The team is dedicated to resolving any concerns and technical issues promptly. The customer support team is well trained in providing internet security solutions thus offering ultimate technical support.

BitDefender Prices and Packages

Ideally, before deciding to invest in software to secure personal technological engagements, it is paramount to sample expert opinions and reviews. This endeavor is not only concerned with functional satisfactions but also a return on value for money. With the reviews familiar with various products and services, buyers make informed choices which help them avoid regrets and lose after spending money. Apart from the VPN free version, the pay versions can be purchased via Credit card, PayPal and Bank/Wire transfer payment methods. Read about other cheaper VPN services here: bestvpn24.

Premium VPN

This is available in two versions, one that is paid annually and the other paid monthly.

Premium VPN-Yearly

This VPN comes with some great features:

• It has extensive coverage as it unlocks content around the globe

• It has unlimited traffic

• It secures your browsing over a Wi-fi network

• It offers the best deal

Price- $3.33 per month

– $39.99 per year

Premium VPN-Monthly

This subscription offers the following features:

• It has unlimited traffic

• Its coverage is extensive

• Confidential browsing

Price- $6.99 per month

-$39.99 per year

Basic VPN

This is the Bitdefender VPN free version that comes with Bitdefender Security Solutions. It has limited coverage thus cannot access geo-restricted media, this makes it not to be a good deal. This package has the following features:

• It has a limited traffic of 200mb per day

• The network can cancel anytime

• It however allows you to browse anonymously

BitDefender Review Summary

Bitdefender products are among the best-reviewed and top-ranked software application products. Therefore, the Bitdefender VPN would be a good choice to secure your online presence. The service is reliable and offers fast speed for streaming content that is not easily accessible. Well, there is something for everyone concerning price; ranging from the lowest to the highest priced VPNs accompanying security solutions. Its speed can be improved by upgrading the products to a higher level. Then many would ask, is Bitdefender safe? With the VPN’s decent encryption, users are assured of the safety of their personal data and privacy of their online activities. Moreover, Bitdefender backs up its products with top-notch customer support that is easily accessible, reliable and available on a 24-hour basis.

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