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The Cardboard Compendium – Why Quality Moving Boxes are Essential

Moving day is almost here. You’ve booked the van, got the keys, and nothing else left to consider. Right? Well, unless you are working with quality moving boxes you may find that moving day goes a little different to how you had planned. More drama, a few breaks – all things that can be avoided. It shouldn’t be a victory if nothing gets smashed or damaged in a move, it should be a given. Here’s why quality moving boxes should be the first thing you buy when you have that impending moving day coming up.

Belongings stay safe

What are your most prized possessions? Are they expensive, or are they sentimental in nature? Chances are they may be a bit of both. If you keep them in a safe place day to day, it doesn’t make sense that you should then lug them in a duffel bag or inside some second-hand fruit boxes. You should continue that care throughout the move.You can only keep your belongs safe during a move if you invest in quality moving boxes. When considering the alternative of losing or damaging those items we keep close to our hearts, securing quality moving boxes is a rather inconsequential cost.

Maintains fragile items

It doesn’t feel like it when the house is all set up, but so many of our belongings are fragile. Between the glassware, crockery, vases and picture frames – moving can be like walking on eggshells. Don’t accept those dreaded smashes, and use quality moving boxes which are designed from extra strong cardboard. Too many times have we carefully placed those breakables into a box, only for the box to breakdown and split. This is why the right packaging is essential to your move.

Keeps order

When you use every bag or box in sight for a move – you end up with some varied shapes and sizes. Even if you’re not Type A, it can be an eye-sore and a very impractical way to bring order to your move. Securing quality moving boxes gives you order, as each box has the same volume and can be packed into your car or van in the same number each time. There are also spaces in which to write the details of the boxes contents, rather than simply remembering on sight. Nominate boxes to different people helping with your move, so you know that everyone is working hard together and you can monitor what has been done and what is left to go.

Car and van approved

Movers are accustomed to using such quality boxes, and they will be able to get your belongings where they need to be much quicker. They also pass the car and van test as they are purposefully made with moving vehicles in mind. Don’t put yourself through the heartbreak of unpacking your car or a moving van and hearing the mess inside your flimsy boxes. Your movers will also have the right equipment to accommodate standardised boxes, and can band them in a safe formation.

Rent or buy

Another advantage of securing quality moving boxes is that you don’t have to commit to buying them, you can rent them. With most rental leasing lasting a minimum of one year, there are not many instances in which you can use moving boxes in that time. It also speaks to the nature and durability of the boxes that they can be hired in such great condition, ready to aid several moves. If the price or commitment had been putting you off, choose the renting option instead.

You only get one shot at transporting your things from one home to another, so don’t be left with regrets when your poor-quality packaging doesn’t meet the standard. Your belongs are too precious for the gamble, so use essential quality moving boxes.

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