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Now that us Aussies are in the midst of a glorious Spring, it’s time to start getting ready for the warmer end of year months that are creeping around the corner. All of us absolutely love Summer – pool parties, beach outings and scenic picnics included. However, one of the downsides to the warmer climate is skyrocketing electricity bills.

How many of us are guilty of cranking the AC up to full blast on a balmy afternoon? In this article, we will provide you with 7 tips that will allow you to keep your home cool and thanks to the Attic Fan, as if you choose the best attic fan, it will surely help you to cool down the temperature without an AC. Say goodbye to exorbitant utility bills, and hello to a cool, comfortable home.

  1. Let The Sun Shine In – Not!

One of the best and most simple ways of keeping your home cool during the warmer months are with blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are a fantastic way of keeping the harsh sunlight out of your home during the day time. Simply using blackout curtains can actually keep your room up to 10 degrees cooler than without curtains installed. Now that is amazing!

  1.     Let’s Talk About Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great alternative to turning on the AC. However, did you know that you may actually be using your ceiling fan wrongly? The base of ceiling fan actually has a small switch that changes the direction of airflow.

During the warmer months, your ceiling fan should be set to blow air forward in a counterclockwise direction, forcing air down and making you and your family feel a lot cooler. Have a look at your ceiling fan when you get home and make sure it is set to the correct settings!

  1.     The Dehumidifier Is Your Best Friend

There is nothing worse than that sticky, unclean feeling we all feel on a balmy afternoon. This is why a dehumidifier is such a great addition to your home. A dehumidifier can help remove excess moisture from the air in your home, leaving you feeling cooler and a lot less sweaty even on those scorching heatwave days. You can easily find dehumidifiers at most department stores, on Gumtree or on any reliable store online.

  1.     Start Unplugging

Did you know that everything you plug into a socket, from your phone charger to your television, produces heat? This is why you should unplug all unnecessary appliances or electronics when you are not using them. Simply turning off your appliance is not enough, always remember to unplug!

  1. Avoid Cooking Or Using The Oven

Yes, we know it is impossible to avoid cooking entirely because we all have to eat, but there are many ways in which you can reduce the number of hours you spend slaving away at a hot stove during the warmer months. One way is to prepare dishes that require very little to no cooking at all. Ovens emit incredible amounts of heat as well, so reducing the use of it is another way to keep temperatures down. Alternatively, set up your outdoor Barbecue and get cooking outdoors.

  1.     Use All Your Vents

If your house is too warm, it may be time to start venting hot air out. Utilise your stove top vents, bathroom and laundry room vents to dump out the hot, humid air from cooking and showering. This will leave you feeling cooler almost instantly.

  1.     Invest In Doors, Windows and Insulation

If you can afford it, it may not be a bad idea to consider investing in more energy efficient options for your home’s windows, doors and insulation. Better insulation and tighter seals will most definitely keep your home cooler in summer and on the flipside, warmer in winter. It’s a win win situation.

With these useful tips, you’ll be kept cool as a cucumber all summer long!

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