Most humans naturally gravitate towards someone who looks beautiful in their eyes. That’s why when applying makeup doesn’t quite cut it, some people spend a fortune on getting a surgical enhancement to an unattractive part of their body at some cosmetic clinic in Turkey or on other areas.

Before pursuing the same thing yourself or deciding not to go under the knife, you’ll want to keep abreast of these latest beauty innovations so that you can look good and be in trend at the same time.

1. Second Skin Technology

When you lack sleep, puffy bags can form under your eyes which might look unappealing. You can try changing your sleeping habits so that you’ll get the standard eight hours that your body needs, but those eyebags would still be there.

If no amount of thick makeup can conceal those dark circles, you can wait instead for Japanese beauty product manufacturer Shiseido to officially put out the Second Skin technology they’ve recently acquired along with American startup Olivo Laboratories who developed it.

This is how you can use its two formulas:

● Apply formula number one containing silicone-based polymers and let it dry for a while, and

● Apply formula number two that has tiny amounts of platinum in it acting as a catalyst.

● To remove it from your face, use an oil-based makeup remover and let the film slide off.

The two formulas would fuse and form a flexible and breathable film that can get rid of your eyebags as well as any wrinkles and other imperfections that your skin might have. You can even wear Second Skin as a facial sunscreen before swimming as the said technology is waterproof.

2. Heat-Sensitive Hair Dye

Coloring your hair can get tiresome, whether you do it by yourself at home or with the help of a beauty salon. Turning it into a routine can consume a lot of time, but when you start using heat-sensitive dye, you’ll only need to apply it once and turn on your dryer or flat iron every time you feel the need to change your hair color.

No need to sit down and use a different dye for your hair if you want to change its current color to a brand new one.

3. Non-Invasive Elimination of Unwanted Fat

Even if you follow a weight loss diet and exercise regularly, your body might still have excess fats that can ruin your entire slimmed-down look. If you decide to hire a cosmetic surgeon for a liposuction, they might offer you a non-invasive alternative treatment instead that uses high-intensity ultrasound waves to melt your fat.

You won’t have to sit anymore through a procedure that can prove to be dangerous to you if done by an unqualified cosmetic surgeon.

4. Organic Beauty Products

Most beauty products contain chemicals that cause too much harm to the environment. If you’ve become environmentally-conscious, you’ll want to switch using beauty products that have all-natural ingredients instead.

From makeup to hair care products, you have a dizzying array of organic options available. Or better yet, if you have enough space in your home, you can turn it into a mini-lab where you can formulate organic beauty products that you can use and sell to fellow environment-conscious users.


The entire beauty industry is resilient that it has fared well-even in the midst of economic challenges and generated a revenue close to $56 billion in the US alone. But beauty standards change in keeping with the times. What may be beautiful now, can become out of style next year.

Thus, you should stay in touch with some of the latest beauty innovations around the world listed above so that you won’t get left behind, especially if you want to make permanent changes about how you look today.


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