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The Most Annoying Mobile Games Ever Invented

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There are mobile games that are funny. There are others that are completely immersive. There are those that keep your competitive spirit alive. And then there is that special kind of mobile game that is almost like it was made to stress the living spirit out of the player. Below you can find a handful of these insanely sadistic and exasperating titles, and other free games you can play today on your smartphone.

Candy Crush, Blossom Blast and their likes

I think King.com has a specific department with the only goal to make their games more stressful. How else can you explain the insane success of their games? Playing certain levels will send your stress levels through the roof, especially when you only have a single candy to destroy to reach the goal – and you run out of moves.

While playing Blossom Blast Saga – and I played quite a lot, passing through level 220 – I grew to hate bees, birds, and even snails from the bottom of my heart. And, of course, the sadistic level designers employed by King.

The numerous Flappy Bird clones

Warning: play these at your own risk! The game is insanely hard to play! There is no way you can learn the moves as the levels are randomly generated, so it’s all up to your skill and reflexes. And it’s so easy to screw up!

But wait, there’s more! Dong Nguyen, the famous creator of Flappy Bird, has built another game, this time requiring you to go vertical! Called Swing Copter, his new game is harder than Flappy Bird – and that’s something.


QWOP is a ragdoll-based game available on desktop and mobile devices that shows you just how hard it is to walk if it’s not your brain, but your smartphone that you use to control your movement. Since 2010, when the game was first released, it maintains its position in the top five list of the most annoying games ever invented. Who would have thought that walking and running, things most people do every day can be so hard!

The Impossible Game

Its title doesn’t promise anything good – so don’t play it unless you have nerves of steel! The Impossible Game is perhaps not as impossible as it sounds, but it’s an extremely annoying example of indie game development. Getting a red square from point A to point B might sound easy at first, but don’t judge before you try. I’s called “impossible” for a reason!

Super Hexagon

Last, but not least, the archetype of annoying casual games which has likely caused more hairs to grizzle than the crankiest wife, Super Hexagon! It’s a very fast and hard game, with random levels and an incredible pacing, which puts your reflexes – and your resistance to vertigo – to a test. A quick word of advice: play it in a room with a thick carpet, so when you drop (or throw) your phone it won’t crack!

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