If you decided to renovate or upgrade your home or commercial space, hardwood is one of the most enticing, durable, and reliable choices of flooring material. Hardwood flooring has the reputation of lasting for almost a lifetime.

Research says that this material has a sense of permanence in it, that’s why it became a popular choice for flooring material for centuries. If you choose hardwood flooring for your home, you may find it expensive. But the finished product of your floor can be worth the expense.

This type of flooring comes in three categories. The strip, plank, and parquet. Plank flooring strips are extensive, and parquet floors consist of pieces of squares that make a geometrical pattern. So here are some benefits of installing solid hardwood flooring.


Solid hardwood flooring material is one of the leading or primary flooring material that the majority uses. A little heads up, here are the pros of having a hardwood flooring.

Easy to Install

To those who have experience in installing flooring, hardwood strips are a straight-forward installation, so it’s easy for them to fix this type of flooring. Installing hardwood flooring should be precise as it needs to ensure uniformity.

If you don’t have any experience, it’s best to get help from the professionals as it can be tricky to install this kind of flooring.

Easy Maintenance

Solid hardwood flooring is long-lasting. Even a century-old house can still have the authentic flooring if maintained properly. Hardwood floors are one of the most durable flooring material there is.

Proper maintenance could include a simple sweeping and vacuuming to take out the specks of dust. Cleaning occasionally would do also using a wood floor cleaner.

The Wood’s Versatility

Hardwood floorings can be classy, natural, and old-looking. So, one of the primary benefits of having these flooring is the versatility of the wood material. Most home designs can complement with any hardwood.

Even if the trends change from time to time, hardwood flooring can almost go with anything as you can always customize the color, shape, and thickness of the wood. If you think that the decors and colors don’t match very well, you can always choose something different, as hardwood flooring has a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Quality Wise

As hardwood can go along with any designs and look, it only means it has a high material quality. From old-fashion to elegant, wood can be as versatile as it can be. Hardwood floors give warmth and natural feeling inside the house. “A beauty that never goes out of style.” That’s what hardwood flooring is all about.


Hardwood flooring may be expensive, but the quality and design are top-tier. Research says that house hunters are much willing to pay top dollar for a house with hardwood floors. Also, along with the history of house selling, homes with hardwood floors installed in them tend to sell faster than other homes with top-tier designs such as carpeted walls.


Just like any other materials you can source in the market, hardwood flooring also has its fair share of drawbacks that you need to know.


Hardwood floors are an expensive option. The prices can run from three to twelve dollars per square foot. Considering the labor for the installment of the sub-flooring, it may cost you a fortune too. But if you have the money to spend, then you can have it installed in your home. The cost of labor will vary depending on the laborer.

Needs Maintenance Occasionally

Although hardwood can be durable, it’s prone to scratches and scuff. From time to time, you need to take care of your flooring, especially if it’s hardwood. If you have pets and children in your house, it may be prone to more scratches.

You have to choose the hardest wood material to secure the maintenance. Although it could also be prone to scratches at the least, you can lessen the chances of destroying it. Refinishing of hardwood can cost you between one to four dollars. Of course, the price may also vary depending on the layout and the type of floor.

Wood can be Noisy

Wood flooring is noisy especially if it’s old. When you have hardwood flooring on your home, it’s essential to leave your shoes on your shoe rack to avoid noises when walking across it.

Also, it can save you time cleaning when you don’t step your boots on the floor. You can have sets of slippers inside the house. Placing a rug can also lessen the noise on the floor.


Choosing hardwood flooring for your home can give you a lot of work, but it’s always worth the work if your house looks neat and clean and of course beautiful. If you ever need the help of a professional for your maintenance, you can contact tc floors west.

They specialize in concrete repair and other flooring materials such as wood and vinyl. So take care of your floor as you take care of your house and maybe someday it can be a great value to you.


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