Welcome to The Rundown! Today will be spent discussing the Eric Bledsoe trade, picking our Player of the Night and making predictions for tonight’s NBA action.

Bucks get Bledsoe for Monroe, first rounder:

Nick Billion: The Bucks are in the spotlight today as they have agreed to a deal with the Suns for Eric Bledsoe. My initial reaction to the news was, “Wow, what a steal for the Bucks,” and that reaction still holds true to me. To have a leader at the point guard position is exactly what this team needed. Last season’s Rookie of the Year Malcom Brogdon and Mathew Dellavadova will now have a leader and will be able to come off of the bench and provide some solid minutes. I really like the idea of Bledsoe, Middleton and The Greek Freak on the court at the same time. In my book, this trade was a win.

Craig Brallier: The trade was a little bit of a shock for me, but the Bucks definitely came out better than they went in. Bledsoe is a very capable point guard who can make plays when needed. He’s not going to come out and terrorize every team you face but he has what it takes to help this team become a legit contender in the Eastern Conference. As far as things go with Brogdon and Delly, they will both have to make the sacrifice and come off of the bench, which I imagine won’t be too much of an issue. No doubt in my mind that the Bucks are a better team after this deal.

Where does this leave the Suns?

NB: For the Suns, they do lose a really good point guard and veteran leadership, but it’s clear this team wants to build around Devin Booker, who will have to step up into a leadership role. This team has been winning without Bledsoe this season and it could continue to happen, however my focus is continuing to develop younger talent, and keeping them healthy.

CB: It’s not too often both teams win in a trade like this, but I’d definitely call the Suns winners in this one as well. Greg Monroe isn’t incredible by any means, but he has his moments, and he can get the job done. He brings in some solid rebounding and scoring ability with him to Phoenix.  I’m also a really big fan of the Suns getting a first round pick for their troubles. Bledsoe stirred up some drama and it put the organization in an awkward position, so I’m glad things worked out for them. They also get to officially put the ball in Devin Booker’s hands which I am a huge fan of. Book has a chance to be a really good player in this league, and I think his future, and the Suns’ future looks a little brighter.

Player of the Night:

Unanimous: Kyrie Irving – 35 PTS, 7 AST, 14-22 from the field in win against ATL.

Picks for tonight:


NB: Bucks

CB: Cavaliers


NB: Pelicans

CB: Pelicans


NB: Wizards

CB: Wizards


NB: Knicks

CB: Hornets


NB: Raptors

CB: Raptors


NB: Spurs

CB: Clippers


NB: Nuggets

CB: Nets


NB: 76ers

CB: 76ers


NB: Blazers

CB: Blazers


NB: Thunder

CB: Thunder

That’ll do it for today’s Rundown! Come back tomorrow where we’ll talk about the top stories from around The Association!

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