It doesn’t matter what type of motorbike you ride, there is something special about riding a motorbike on a daily basis, a feeling that is hard to describe or compete with. Of course, you’re joining a special club. There may be nearly nine hundred thousand registered motorbikes in Australia but that’s small compared to the number of car drivers.

Many riders choose their preferred style of motorbike and stick to it, believing they have found the perfect companion. However, if you’re currently a street be rider then you should consider using a dirt bike, you may be surprised at how it can benefit your riding skills. 

Choosing A Bike

There are plenty of dirt bikes to choose from but if you want reliability and still want your bike to look good you should consider KTM dirt bikes. They are considered some of the best on the market.

Of course, you should sample several bikes and a good dealer will help to ensure you pick the one that’s right for your needs.

The benefits of Dirt Bike Riding

Dirt bikes are designed to go off-road, in the dirt. As such they have big wheels with nobbly tires, a high ground clearance, and they are very light.

  • Lightness

That’s the first major benefit. The lightness of a dirt bike makes it very easy to control and maneuver. You’ll find it easier to get through the tight gaps and much easier to control at low speeds, like when you’re crawling in traffic. 

The fact that they are responsive and provide instant feedback will also help to improve your riding skills.

  • The Feeling

Much of riding is about the feel of the ride and the ease at which you can feel the bike reacting to the terrain. Dirt bikes have great feedback, allowing you to feel the terrain and know how your bike will react. That’s very useful on the road with unpredictable surfaces and drivers.

  • Braking& Turning

Anyone can accelerate on a bike but braking and turning are the keys to staying on the bike and avoiding injuries. There is no better place to learn how your bike brakes and turns than when you’re off-road on a dirt bike.

It will teach you the limits of your bike and help you ride it safely on the road. You should note that dirt bikes are built to be crashed off the road, it’s the perfect way to explore your limits and your bikes. 

  • It’s Fun

Being on a motorbike is a fun experience. But, when you’re commuting every day it can become challenging and tedious. That’s not an issue when you have a light and maneuverable bike under you. You can commute while enjoying the ride. 

The Bottom Line

Riding any type of bike can be fun but a dirt bike s the easiest to handle and the best way to learn eh basic skills that you can build on, making you a better rider. In truth, you should ride all different styles of bike to improve your skills, but start with the dirt bike!


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