In 2019, most business houses are aiming at a competitive edge! They are keen to discover new ways of connecting with customers. Online marketing is here to increase with every passing day. Also, the various brands are aiming to leverage online marketing in their unique ways in 2019. Of the many digital marketing trends for 2019, here are five relevant ones that matter.

1. Social media platforms will become more conversational

No business will look at social media posts as a one-way conversation! Instead, in this year brands will be using the social media channels to get connected with customers and also analyze their interests and needs. Social listening will gain significance. It is important to pay close attention to a certain brand as well as its competitors. It will enable the business owners to know what kind of content works best with their target customers. Some of the extra digital marketing steps that companies initiate for generating a personal connection with their user are:

· Answering all the customer queries

· Response promptly within 24 to 48 hours

· Generating and posting useful and interactive topics

Hence, every brand should keep on making conversations in social media, via the user comments, replies, and posts. It will help in generating more brand awareness, enhance brand loyalty and also gain customer trust.

2. The video will get enhanced for best practices in SEO

SEO is effective in reading customer behavior. The search engines today get continuously updated, to ensure that the engaging and customer-friendly websites are accessible for the users. Also, businesses should familiarize themselves with the Google algorithms that keep changing. And here’s where video becomes useful.

Based on the latest research video gets shared, close to 1,200% more in comparison to texts and links. Video content is engaging, and it has a chance to engage a wide audience reach. It can foster better customer connection. You need to make sure that the SEO keywords get added in the following three parts of the video content:


· Description

· The title of the video

The keywords used will vary based on the company as well as the industry type! Some people might want to use a question for the video title and make the subject appear compelling. You can even opt-in for close captioning. Make sure to add high-volume keywords in the video. It will ensure that Google reads successfully all that the video is about and ranks it well. Video content optimization is essential so that it’s relevant, timely and engaging as well. Video content helps to boost social media engage, generate useful CTA’s (Call to Action), develop favorable leads and maximize sales.

Furthermore, businesses should get keen on enhancing the SEO to understand their audience. When you have a proper SEO strategy, you can get connected to the target users.

3. There will be an increase in Geo-marketing

Most brands today have been resorting to the use of geo-marketing to their business strategy! However, the requirement of correct outcome has resulted in advanced technologies like geo-fencing, to take businesses a step close to the users. Geo-fencing had enhanced local-targeting and also increases brand awareness. One of the best ways to leverage geo-marketing is to concentrate on the aspects that the target market relies heavily on.

Providing online ads to mobile customers within a defined territorial expanse helps to make the most of geo-marketing.

4. Email marketing will get personal and better customized

2019 will see customers demand more personalization than ever! Concerning connecting with new age brands, the customers will gradually understand it’s the minute details that count. Hence, taking more efforts to customize the emails might lead you to have better conversions and loyal customers. As you create a highly customized email marketing campaign, ensure that you:

· Create a creative which is engaging

· Create short but useful, informative and memorable content

· Ensure that your creative successfully represents your brand

· Develop certain emails based on the multiple market segments

· Decide to promote the services and products which the customers find interesting

Highly customized emails will make businesses concentrate on their core areas and connect better with users. Based on the latest research about 84% of most survey respondents suggested that they use their smartphone for reading personalized emails. Hence, customized content is always welcome. It will enable you to generate better leads and also leverage the mobile market as well.

5. There will be other advanced technologies

In 2019, most businesses will keep on incorporating brand new technologies that will enhance their marketing initiatives. They will resort to techniques that will better the customer experience. Also, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are two core technologies that will gain prominence. It will improve the brand’s marketing strategy and customer service.

To stay ahead in the technology game, companies need to ensure that they spend adequate time to know and understand the way the online landscape is evolving. When brand new scopes such as the social listening tools and ad platforms come into use, it becomes essential to opt-in for the RSS feeds. You also need to make use of Facebook Pages of data websites. These sources will stay updated with brand new technology. It will declare the useful trends to help you in understanding your marketing objectives.

Online marketing is the way in which brands can promote their new services and products and reach a worldwide audience. Hence, it is essential to keep updated with the important trends. It will help the companies decide their strategies better and in a precise way. However, companies and start-up businesses keep growing in 2019, and it is important to stay aware of all the above mentioned five online marketing trends.

Also, you can use these trends to your advantage as well. Plan your online marketing initiatives in a way that it incorporates these trends. It will help you to experience better brand awareness and other positive results. You will find your business brand becoming more visible to your target customers. It will also enhance your search results and website ranks as well.

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