High End Hospitality Furniture

Are you a restaurateur who loves serving people comfort food and creating a wonderful space for each one to enjoy a wholesome meal and some good company, especially during festive occasions such as Christmas?

It is equally important for one to understand that having high end hospitality furniture is as vital to the restaurant as the food is. Achieving an exemplary standard of aesthetic pleasure while having seats with their primary need to be comfortable is essential. The best way to go about doing that is by hiring some of the best high-end hospitality furniture manufacturing company that can cater to every specific need of your restaurant. 

Hiring them could help determine the right look and feel and achieving the desired ambience for your restaurant without much strain. 

How to Calculate the Number of Covers Appropriate For Your Restaurant

To calculate the number of covers that may fit into your restaurant space, use the metric handbook. Each diner seems to require anywhere between 1 to 2 square metres. By arranging small tables at a 45-degree angle, you easily increase the number of covers in a great restaurant space. 

How Much of A Space Do Restaurant Chairs Need?

In general, a restaurant chair only extends about 450mm away from the table and should at least have the same space between the backs of each chair that helps avoid customers from bumping into each other or other staff working at restaurants. Also, a great tip for buying chairs or getting them custom-made is making sure that the back legs of the high-end hospitality furniture chairs do not extend far beyond the back of the chair. 

What Kind of Furniture Style is Best?

If you are looking for high-end hospitality furniture that makes an impact – always opt to get bespoke furniture, especially chairs with high backs. However, if at the same time, your restaurant ceiling isn’t quite high, then you could opt for chair backs that are not as high as your dining tables. Also, you could opt to add in armchairs as they could add back the comfort that a high back chair would have in its place. Make sure that you get bespoke armchairs that fit comfortably under your tabletops. If not, the chairs cannot be pushed back into its place easily, taking up much space and leaving out no room for servers and other customers to walk by. This also creates another problem wherein you would have to rethink the spacing in your restaurant flooring, reducing the number of tables the restaurant could carry at each meal service time. 

What are the Materials Available for High-End Restaurant Furniture & What Should One Choose?

Most of the restaurant furniture that the best furniture manufacturers usually custom-build is a combination of wood and other upholstery. Nowadays, alternative materials are making headway and becoming quite an attraction. They are gaining popularity as well. These full upholstered chairs made will also help muffle the echoes, especially on wooden floors. Make sure that you get made-to-order glides for under the chairs as they could help cut down the noise when dragged or moved around. 

These tips will help you conjure up the right kind of personality and ambience that you want for your high-end restaurant. 

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