One can already feel the thrill and excitement in the air as the Easter season approaches. It’s time to get on with the celebration but there is so much to get ready before the Spring celebration and the Easter holiday rolls in. TheWorks have lovely Easter bundles that will instantly empty your shopping list before you say Jack. These colourful and exciting gift sets and decorations are guaranteed to make this Spring and Easter Holiday a memorable one for both parents and their children.

Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny Bundles

Easter bunnies are the cutest little things, aren’t they? They are a very exciting symbol during Easter. Our wooden Easter bunnies’ gift sets contain 12 well-crafted wooden bunnies that kids would just love as well as our Easter Filler Egg Bundle of brilliant colours perfect to stuff candies and chocolates in and share with friends and family.

TheWorks Glitter Eggs are excellent for Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. Easter eggs are a symbol of spring and new life, and children love them very much. On Easter Sunday, the eggs are hidden, and the kids love the thrill of finding and filling up their beautiful Easter baskets with them. You can almost see how their eyes light up as they search through the grass or corners of the house to find an Easter egg glittering in its hiding place. Imagine how beautiful these will look all bundled up in a colourful basket after an exciting Easter egg treasure hunt.

Decorations and Craft

TheWorks has special collections like Easter Chick Bundles, Easter Bunnies, and Easter Grass Sets that are great for decoration. They can also be excellent gift sets to share with friends and family as the holiday approaches.

Don’t children just love to paint? Check out some of our collection that includes 12 Colour Your Own Easter Bag Bundle, Easter Colouring Set Bundle, Easter Stick Characters, and an Easter Bucket Bundle to stuff all these in. The kids will have a great time painting and colouring their bags, eggs, and bunnies with whatever bright colours they like. This will keep them busy and make them feel involved in the building up of the Easter celebration, and after all the hard artistic work, they can have some chocolates as a reward for their labour.

Easter is a season of love and celebration and, most especially for Christians, it is a special time to celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for mankind. It is time to enjoy memorable moments with loved ones and share gifts. It is normal for people to invite family and friends over for lunch and get together parties.

On Easter Friday, it is a common tradition to eat hot cross buns, also family and friends play lots of games during Easter. Egg painting and decoration as well as egg hunting is especially exciting for children. Some people also play egg rolling games where beautifully coloured eggs are rolled down a slope. The first egg to get down is the winner.

TheWorks have put together amazing gift sets and Easter bundles. Make this Spring and Easter Holiday a memorable one.

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