If you ask anyone at any given time if they have their phone, they will most likely answer yes. Mobile phones have become a part of people’s lives. This is interesting considering it wasn’t until the 21st century, which is barely two decades ago, that mobile phones started coming with a screen instead of just number dials and buttons. This allowed users to perform other tasks apart from simply making phone calls.

Today, the average screen time kids and teenagers spend on their phone is between 6to 9 hours daily, according to a report by Common Sense Media. According to eMarketer, the average UK adult spends approximately an hour consuming digital video daily, and that number is projected to increase in the coming years.

What this means is that digital content has become a major part of people’s daily consumption – like having lunch. This creates the perfect platform for brands to connect with their customers. That is why YouTube Advertising is one of the most sought-after means of connecting with customers. With over a billion users from all over the world, there is little surprise as to why brands are favouring mobile video over traditional media like TV. With YouTube Advertising, there are many options that are suitable for one’s budget ­– 30-second clips, display ads, overlay ads, and so much more.

Here are four reasons why brands that use mobile video as a form of advertisement will always win:

Little Budget Required

Creating mobile videos are cheap and fast compared to traditional means of advertising. Screen sizes are relatively small, which do not need a lot of pixels in order to produce high quality videos. Also, in order to ensure viewers stay long enough to watch the entire video, creators make it short (usually less than 3 minutes) and creative.

Primetime is All the Time

Before the 21st century, TV dominated all ads, and getting primetime was the Holy Grail for brands. With mobile videos, primetime is available at all time of the day. A mobile phone owner easily carries around hundreds of thousands of brands with them at any given time. Whenever they check their phone, they get a full view of it. That is whenever prime time gets it. The cost is significantly lower than alternative means as well. Digital professionals, like Broadplace, use strategic SEO advancement and other progressive techniques to ensure clients get the best primetime on mobile phone.

Hands-on Experience

How-to videos, for example, are some of the most viewed videos on YouTube for the simple reason that people get to go behind the scene and get hands-on experience on their own in record time and at no cost. This builds a strong connection between the viewer and the brand like a teacher and a student.

Easy to Save and Share

Mobile videos are generally small in size and can be easily saved and shared across most social media and mobile platforms. It is part of human nature to be helpful and want to share anything interesting or useful. Viewers can save or bookmark how-to videos, for example, to allow them to watch over and over again while they practice in real-time or analyse them for a research. This is not the case with TV.

For these reasons, many brands seek out professionals of digital marketing like Broadplace to help get their brand across to their customers. Broadplace offers full service digital marketing to brands seeking to bypass all the ‘digital noise’ made by other brands and go straight to the mobile phones of their customers.

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