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International trade enables the organization to reach their customers all around the globe. Logistics play a key role in maintaining an effective and successful global presence of a company. Therefore, it is imperative that you must pay close attention when you are choosing a freight service for the transportation of your products.  

There are many elements that you must take into account before choosing a freight service provider. Your freight service provider must be competent and vastly experienced, so he can manage your transportation without any hiccups, especially if you are looking to export the items across different continents.

We have compiled a list of important things that you must consider before choosing a freight company. Let’s dig in!


You must be aware of the person who is responsible for the cargo that you are transporting at different stages of the supply chain. This will ensure that you and the freight company understand their obligations. Both parties must also establish who is liable to make the payment pertaining to the cargo such as duties, taxes, insurance, etc., so there are no conflicts or disputes afterward.

Freight Service

Mode of Transportation

You must also consider the inherent state of your cargo. For instance, if your goods are perishable in nature, you must use a temperature-controlled shipping method to ensure that your products are transported in perfect condition. If the freight service does not provide that facility, then you may be better off using air freight, provided that it is monetarily feasible

Service providers vs agents

You must also ask the freight company whether they use the help of agents or several service providers. Both of the options are suitable for different transportation needs. In case of delays or complicated situations, having a truck freight broker agent in the location where your shipment is sent can be a real blessing and they may be able to solve your issue much effectively. On the other hand, if you want more flexibility and ensure your transportation works smoothly, you may be better off with a freight company that uses several service providers.


International logistics is a complex area and complications during the transportation is not very uncommon. Therefore, you must ask about the person who is looking after your shipment during transportation. Usually, the shipping manager is the person with authority. So, you must keep their contact details and in case if there is a problem, you can contact them and get assistance.


Insurance is absolutely important for your shipment as you must always stay prepared for any unfortunate event pertaining to your goods when transporting it to another country. If your cargo is damaged, stolen, or lost during the transportation, then having an insurance will help you recover the costs of the goods that you lost during the transit. Therefore, you must ask your freight company about the insurance policy and who is liable to pay the insurance premium for the shipment.

The final words

These are some of the points that you must consider before signing a contract with a truck freight broker agent. Your logistics is vital for your international reach and one mistake can cost your company severe losses. Therefore, spend some time on research and pick the one that fits your criteria and has a proven track record in the shipping industry.

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