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Tomas Chlup is a true hustler who believes in remaining active lifestyle and living healthily by making proper food choices and this is all that he teaches his clients.

Fitness world is a world of its own. Many fitness experts and trainers have come at the forefront of the industry to offer something to people.  Many other people are aware of the need to maintain a good health and lifestyle in an ever-changing and evolving world but many of other people are still unaware of its significance and changes the mindsets of people for better health.

The world needs the fitness influencer and trainers specialists   who can help them to make the right fitness and health choices in their life. This all happened when the fitness freak and great chefs like Tomas Chlup had entered in this picture. This youngster Tomas Chlup who believed in his skills and abilities as a fitness trainer to train people right and that is what he do.

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Tomas Chlup hails from the Czech Republic from a small-town city Kamenice, Lipou. Fitness and health were something that Tomas Chlup always saw himself towards. This is all what motivated him to turn out a fitness expert and brilliant chef who can not only help the people with his right training but also with the right nutritious food recipes. Tomas’s girlfriend also owns CrossFit Gym with other partners unfortunately they had to shut down due the Pandemic. Tomas Chlup always loved long-distance running introduced him to CrossFit where his life completely changed. This took him towards the online world of fitness. Today where he is wisely training people digitally. After going deeper into the same helped Tomas Chlup to grow his knowledge, passion and emerge as a fitness expert, chef and leveraging the digital mediums to reach many people and fitness lovers as much as possible. Through social media this talented and young expert fitness trainer has been inspiring the people to live happy and healthy lives by making the right health and fitness choices.

Tomas Calup even started his project “Fit Inspiration” to inspire home workouts and cooking at home with nutritional food recipes that can help them a lot in their fitness results. Tomas is also working on his new upcoming project Konektr in the form of a mobile app. Tomas hopes to inspire people through showing his unique content videos, blogs about fitness training and recipes that can help people to quickly attain their bodies desires and health, thus also becoming an Instagram influencer who bowls over his clients with his daily training, and fitness workout content. Tomas Chlup goals to make people fitter and healthier. He also writes blogs and articles with his varied experiences on his website

To get more inspired and must follow his training and amazing recipes go checkout his Instagram and also follow him on Instagram.

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