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Tim Tebow: Should We Take This Baseball Idea Seriously?

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There are reports that former NFL QB Tim Tebow wants to play baseball now. That’s good for him but is it good for the sport or any team that signs him? This is Michael Jordan all over again.

Tebow failed as a QB in the league after attempts and rumors covering all 32 franchises. There were no takers for his services and he was forced to go back to being a College Football analyst for ESPN. But as a professional athlete that desire to compete has not vanished apparently and Tebow will look for another sport to curb that appetite.

For the past year Tebow has been in Arizona and Los Angeles training, trying to hone his hitting and fielding skills in a sport he has not played full-time since 2005. Baseball is a game of skill and practicing off and on for a year, for a sport he has not played full-time in over a decade may be asking too much.

I never pictured Tebow as a QB in the NFL, I figured he could play multiple positions due to his athletic abilities but he has now decided to give up on his NFL dream and focus on a sport that has an even lower rate of him succeeding. Much like Jordan before him, he will be placed in the minors, but unlike Jordan he is not a brand. Jordan played for fun, Tebow is looking for a career. Tebow will turn 29 years-old on Saturday and will be placed on the filed with guys 10 years his junior with more years of experience at this profession. What he may encounter is loads of backlash from current minor leaguer’s and tons of support from friends, family and fans but this is Tebow, a man driven by faith who will cast a bubble around himself and block the negativity out.

But can he succeed?

No, he may have a few hits here and there as he is no stranger to the game but 10+ years away, he cannot expect the rust to come off as quick as it would 6-7 years ago. He’s taking a chance, and for that I applaud him but how much of a chance should baseball take on him?

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