You are invited to a reception, ceremony, show, inauguration or you have an important business dinner and you don’t know what to wear!

Long or short homecoming dresses, cocktail dresses, strapless or sexy dresses…

We are ready to help you guide and tell you that your clothes are tailored to your situation, morphology and desires.

Questions that you need to ask yourself

The first question you need to ask yourself is: What are you waiting for tonight or an event? Do you want to prioritize dinner, make a good impression in a family ceremony, to be noticed in a business dinner or to find a mate?The second question concerns the nature or theme of your night or ceremony. Choose your clothes according to the circumstances or clothing code. For example: Don’t be “too dressed” or too sexy for a simple family reunion and avoid white dresses for weddings.

Night or ceremony environment

– Also think about the night environment and choose the dress (and especially the material) according to the season.

– Warmer fabrics will work better outdoors or think of stealing or jackets.

– Instead, you will feel better in the light and air material in the summer which will avoid unsightly halos.

So give yourself your intention by choosing a dress that fits your expectations and goals. The evening dress that suits you is a bit like make up. It must be adapted to your face and your temperament and your clothes must be adjusted to your physical condition. Don’t try to copy your best friend’s makeup, it’s not for you. And don’t choose a star dress that you have seen in a magazine, people who wear it may not have the same physique as you.


What kind of pieces?

First, direct yourself to the model that suits you by determining, in the priority pieces you like: Long or short homecoming dresses, straight cuts, sarongs or rather blazing? Then think about the details, always according to the circumstances and according to your physics according to what you want to hide or reveal.After deciding what works best for you, you can buy it from stores in the mall or from online stores. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time, you can buy it online and our recommendation is to buy from JJ’s House.

Long dresses are a definite value, ideal for chic parties. Note that it is strongly recommended for a slim silhouette. Strapless dresses can be used for weddings, ceremonies or even parties. For “technical reasons”, it is more suitable for small breasts. With regard to breasts that are more beneficial, you will need to add a bra that is suitable for temporary fixed maintenance.

Cocktail dress

Historically, it defined a relatively long dress worn during a cocktail party. Today, this term has become a little outdated, we prefer the term evening dress. This short dress is also worn in winter, with matching tights. It gives value to your feet. For short dresses, choose neutral colors and avoid patterns.

White gown

Also think about white evening dresses. Simple enough, it will be perfect for matte skin. On the other hand, it must be avoided for marriage.

There are still a number of other gown choices but what has been mentioned above are general ones for any woman who wants to go to a night party.


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