The need and desire for fashion is something almost innate in women everywhere. This is true in every single part of the world, from end to end. The way in which they express this fashion comes in a variety of ways.

For some, it has to do with cosmetics and hair styling while for others, its’ clothing and accessories. Then there are others who prefer jewelry. In general, however, it tends to be a combination of everything, in varying degrees.

Also, the preference for the kind of accessories varies from one group to another. Different people have different preferences, for various reasons.

When it comes to the issue of hair styling, this same preference of choice is expressed as well.

Different women have different preferences. In the case of black women and wigs, it has been observed that there is a general preference for lace frontal wig, which has led many to wonder why.

For those who don’t know what a lace wig is, it is a kind of wig secured to the scalp by hand, using a lace. The hair used for the creation of the hairpiece may vary, ranging from natural hair to synthetic ones; this, however, doesn’t affect what the name of the wig style.

There are several reasons as to why black women tend to like the lace frontal wig, above other styles. Some of the most important ones have been mentioned in the list given below.

  1. They are almost undetectable

To some extent, it is always possible to tell whether someone is wearing a wig or not. This is how it always was for a very long time until the front lace wigs entered the market.

Given the way they are secured to the scalp, they give a very natural look to the individual, where the hair looks like it is growing out of a scalp, rather than being part of a hairpiece. This is something very important to those who are wearing wigs, given that they would like to project a natural image to the world.

This is however not an absolute, as it is possible to know that the hair is not natural on closer inspection. At the same time, however, one would have to make really close observations, which is not something that happens on a regular basis.

  1. They are very comfortable

This is by far one of the most important reasons why lace wigs are preferred over other hair pieces.

It comparison to other hair pieces, front laces are rather comfortable. There will be a certain period of time in which one will have to get used to the wig, but it tends to be short-lived.

After this period of time, using front lace wigs becomes very comfortable, to the point where one forgets that they are wearing one.

  1. They are lightweight

To a large extent, wigs have tended to give a heavy feel to the scalp. This can prove to be an annoying and irritating problem to some. Lace wigs don’t have such a problem, due to the way they are constructed. The design of the lace wig allows for the wearer to have a lightweight feel throughout the time that they are worn.

The exact nature of ‘being lightweight’ will vary, however, depending on the exact degree of hair density and the length of the hair. The thicker the hair density and longer the hair, the less likely that the hairpiece will remain ‘lightweight’ in nature, even if it happens to be alace frontal wig.

  1. They are easier to manage

If there is one thing that is characteristic of black hair, it would be the way it naturally grows.

Unlike people in other parts of the world who have straight or wavy hair, people of African descent tend to have hair that is curly in nature.

While this is a very unique feature unto itself, it can prove to be problematic when it comes to wigs that use adhesives. In general, it is known that curly hair can be problematic to clean up when it comes to wig adhesives. This can make using wigs on a daily basis a real struggle for those black women who are interested.

Given that there is almost no use of any adhesives inlaces frontal wigs, they are an ideal choice for black women interested in a new hair piece. In other words, dealing with removing the lace at the end of the day, is a lot more practical and less cumbersome when compared to removing any adhesives that might be left on the hair and scalp.

  1. The variety of styles available tends to be more

Lace front wigs offer great coverage and make it very difficult for the wearer to ‘choose’ the hairline and overall hair density.

As a result of this, lace frontal wigs make for excellent hair pieces, for several varieties of styles.

Given that some black women have a preference for straight hair, especially those living in America or Europe, lace frontal wigs make for an ideal choice.

  1. It is suitable for the natural hairstyle of black women

This is in a way related to the previous point mentioned above.

Since the natural hair texture of black women tends to be different in comparison to people of other ethnicities, it can be rather difficult for other styles of hair pieces to be worn for everyday use.

Lace front wigs are a great alternative, due to the way they work with the natural black hair texture.

  1. There is a certain cultural and customary preference

This is something that has to do with the culture and customary practice of the black community, rather than any other reason.

In a way, lace frontal wigs have become a sort of ‘trend’ among black women, for one reason or the other. The trend itself is, of course, self-perpetuating, with influence and ideas being shared among beauticians, peers and even family members.

In addition to the above points, it should also be added here that there may be other reasons as well, as to why this particular hair accessory is popular among black women.

The reason for this is due to the fact that we are all different from each other, with regard to our needs and requirements.

These variables all play an important role when it comes to the choices we make in our daily lives, whether it is for hair accessories or anything else.



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