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Tips On Creating A Viking-Themed Social Event

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Vikings. One word and it reminds you of your favorite movies that are all about horned helmets, dragons, beer, food, and more importantly, celebrations.

That is the reason why Viking-themed parties are being hosted more frequently around the globe in this generation, giving life to what was once history. A Viking-themed social event is unique in a way that it doesn’t only celebrate friendships, victories, and relationships, but it is also celebrating history and embracing it into the present day.

If you are interested in hosting your own Viking-themed social event, here are some tips to give you a head start if you are feeling lost on where to begin:

File permission to conduct an event with the local authorities

Regardless of the kind of party you’re hosting, the first and most important step in setting up an event is asking for permission from the local authorities. This is also to inform them about the specifics of the event, especially if you will be conducting it in a public area. Whether the party is set indoors or outdoors, in a big or small venue, it’s a wise move to make sure that this has been coordinated with the local authorities to avoid future problems.

Set up a meeting

Setting up a big Viking-themed party is no joke. A lot of elements must be taken into consideration. Having a meeting with trustworthy people who will be involved in the event will make it easier for you to plan the necessary steps to make the party successful. To bring your dream party to life, discuss these matters during your meeting:

● The budget for the event

● The division of workloads and responsibilities among willing participants to minimize the time needed to organize the party

● The decorations that will be used to make the event feel like an authentic get-together of Vikings

● Fun activities such as games inspired by Viking history, lifestyle, and culture

● The program flow of the event

Of course, there can’t be a social event without any food. Take this into consideration as well during the meeting and discuss what food will be prepared and who will be in charge. Another way to make this event more fun is to incorporate Viking-inspired items such as plates, cutlery, and even custom-made viking cups that everyone can use and enjoy. With these, you can make your guests feel like they are experiencing a genuine Viking party—just like in the movies!

Focus on your assigned task

Once all the tasks have been assigned to everyone, you should focus on your task and make sure to do everything as perfectly as you can. But focusing on your own task doesn’t mean you won’t care about the tasks of others. Take time to check on their progress as well, making sure that everything is going smoothly and is happening according to plan in a timely manner. Remember that even though you are assigned to a specific task, you are still a group aiming for a successful event. Don’t think twice about helping other groups that may be short-handed.

Send out your Viking-inspired invitations

Another way to perfect your Viking-inspired party is to send out invites that look like they came from the Viking era itself! Aside from the date, time, and place, which are usually indicated in the invitation, you can also encourage participants to wear Viking outfits so your guests will feel like authentic Vikings during your party.

Don’t forget the first-aid kits

While the purpose of conducting these events is to reconnect and have fun with your friends or family, you can’t rule out the possibility of accidents. Accidents happen all the time, especially when you least expect it. You can be arguing about the recent game of the Minnesota Vikings one minute and the next thing you know, there’s an accident. It is therefore important to prepare first-aid kits in order to be prepared in case of an emergency.


Setting up a party, in general, is a nerve-wracking thing to do because of a lot of things need to be taken care of, from the venue, to the decorations, to the food. But once you see the smile on your guests’ faces, all of your efforts will be rewarded with happiness and contentment. Especially because these types of events are meant to unite everyone, children and adults alike, all your attendees will enjoy, and that is what’s fulfilling. With these tips, you’ll have a rocking Viking party of your own that will be the talk of the town!

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