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How to Pick the Best Strain of Marijuana for You

As marijuana continues to grow in use, you may be looking to try it out for the first time. There are many different types of marijuana, called strains, which all have different effects on your mind and body. To make this process easier for you, we’ve made a helpful beginner’s guide to finding the best strain of marijuana for the experience you seek.

Indica vs. Sativa

The best place to start is by knowing the two different types of weed, Indica and Sativa. Both have different properties and will give you completely different experiences. Sativa provides users with a more energetic, head high while Indica provides users with a relaxing body high.

Typical effects of Indica strains include:

· Muscle relaxation

· Increased appetite

· Increased tiredness

· Decreased pain

· Increased dopamine

Typical effects of Sativa strains include:

· Decreased anxiety

· Decreased pain

· Increased focus

· Increased serotonin

Know Your Strains

While there are only two types of marijuana, as stated above, there are many different strains that lie within these two types. Before purchasing your flowers, make sure you research the type of strain that you will be receiving. This will help give you an idea of the kind of high you can expect.

Most dispensaries, whether they be online or in person, will have plenty of information available on each type of strain they carry. If you are unsure about what you are buying, just ask! Let sellers know what you are looking to receive out of your experience so they can help direct you to the best strains.

What We Suggest for Sleep

Strains that are Indica dominant are typically the best to help you sleep. These are even used to treat conditions like sleep apnea and insomnia. Well known strains that can help you sleep restfully through the night include:

· BC God Bud

· Bubba Kush

· Granddaddy purple

· White Rhino

These all provide a range of other experiences too but will be sure to increase your sleep. BC God Bud provides a long-lasting high that is slow to start. Bubba Kush provides users with a very powerful body high. Granddaddy Purple and White Rhino both have a sweet flavor to them that may be favorable for beginner marijuana users.

What We Suggest for Pain Relief

Higher consistencies of THC and cannabinoids (CBD) help users relieve pain and reduce inflammation. You may have heard of CBD products, which allow users to experience the benefits of marijuana without experiencing intense highs. The best pain relief typically comes from strains of marijuana that contain both THC and CBD, which include:

· Northern Lights

· Godberry

· Purple Death

· White Widow

Northern Lights and Godberry are two other strains with a sweet flavor for beginning users. Purple death may sound scary, but the Purple Death strain from Green Ace, an online dispensary, helps to relieve pain, stress and increases relaxation. Finally, White Widow will allow you to experience great pain relief, with an added boost of energy to get you through the day.

What We Suggest for Anxiety Relief

Marijuana strains with lower levels of THC can help users decrease their anxiety. If you are looking to use marijuana to help your anxiety levels. Make sure you take extra care to check the information about the strain you are purchasing. Strains with high levels of THC have the opposite effect and can increase the amount of anxiety that you are experiencing.

Great strains for anxiety relief include:

· Stardawg

· 303 OG

· White Fire Alien OG

We suggest Stardawg to more experienced users due to its less enticing fuel-like flavor. 303 OG will help relieve your anxiety and get your creative juices flowing. White Fire Alien OG is an Indica strain that helps relieve anxiety, stress, and pain all in one!

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