Beat Chopper Plugin

Beat Chopper VST Instrument should be able to synchronize tempos and key markers, rearrange loops, and letting you immerse yourself in an exciting sound design – beat slicing can significantly improve your creative capabilities. In this post, we will let you know the facts that can be used as a baseline for selecting the right Beat Chopper VSTi plugin.

Ability to handle loops seamlessly

Sampled loops are part of this modern music industry. They have been associated with hardware samplers for a long time but are now all over the place. Although loops were once predominantly considered a part of dance and hip-hop categories, they are now common to most of the music genres nowadays.

Should be able to detect beats

Beat Chopper should use an automated transient detector system to save you a great deal of time cutting the sample into individual pieces. But the feedback is needed to adapt the sensitivity of the detector before the software discriminates correctly between the peaks and background noise. For drum loops, this is simply because you disrupt the gentle peaks between hits repeatedly and loudly.

Integration of REX 2 Sequencer Files

Audiofreakout is not the first studio to use sliced loop files elegantly. In addition to the system of Dr: Rex, certain systems support the import of REX files into audio tracks while maintaining the advantages of trimming.

Tempo isn’t everything.

We’ve been exploring the most common applications of beat cutting, namely tempo shifting and loop series. Normally, by changing the tempo the entire purpose of slicing is to eliminate adjustments to the audio pitch. Likewise, beat slice can process the sound’s pitch without altering the tempo. For drum loops, you can do this to re-pitch any of the ringing sounds to sit with the rest of the songs. You can also pitch individual notes with musical loops to create a new melody or fit the key to your other pieces.

Handling beat slices

Since beat slice involves removing and re-spacing chunks in a continuous audio file at a new speed, it is only suitable for some types of material. Guitars, rhythms, and other inherent, “healthy” and temporary audio sources are the main targets. Some monophonic loops can however be worked with at a high-performance level. These limitations can be resolved, particularly if you do not want to change the loop, but we will come back to you. Let’s see, before we get carried away, how you are through the beat slicing process, to illustrate the whole principle.

Other benefits

Through using Beat Chopper, you can load, split and trigger a WAV audio sample from different places. It can be divided into 4, 8, 16, or 32 parts or clustered automatically into volumes. On the user interface in real-time, the sampling waveform, the chop points, and the current play place.

This plugin can be used to create various variations and cut a rhythm. However, users should not be limited to beats, such as using the imagination and chopping a guitar riff. Many Beat Chopper instances will run simultaneously. Only available in the Windows DLL module.


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