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While it cannot be denied that choosing cabinets, utensils, tiles, sinks, and appliances can be extremely important for your kitchen, however designing your kitchen is much more than just that. After all, it is not just a cooking space but also an important part of your lifestyle. Baking a cake with your kids or cooking something special for someone special, a kitchen holds so many memories in it.

Renovating a kitchen seems to be an excellent idea. However, if that’s not possible, there are some extremely simple ways to give a completely new look to your kitchen. You can make your kitchen stylish as well as functional at the same time. There are various easy, brilliant, and affordable ideas to make your kitchen an interesting part of your home. You can color your kitchen differently, purchase a new appliance, replace the lights, choose new tiles, and buy porcelain sinks. Following are a few tips to make your kitchen beautiful.

Introducing a new theme

You can change the color and theme of your kitchen to give it a different look. There are various other ways, such as pasting stickers or adding removable striped wallpaper to give it a unique touch. You can also choose for painterly lines to give your kitchen a modern look along with a handmade touch. The neutral color palette can also be chosen to make it look in balance and harmonious with the rest of the space. You can install a touch of zero-commitment removable wallpaper. 

Designing the Cabinets

You can also add patterns inside the cabinets and shelves to add some personality to your kitchen. It will not only make your kitchen colorful but also give it a unique look. The kitchen is a great space to experiment and gain some first-hand experiences. Adding patterns and designs in an unexpected spot is an innovative way to make your kitchen stand out from others. You can go for removable wallpaper as they are easy to install and you have the option to change it according to occasions, or whenever you need.

Replacing the Sinks

Not just cabinets and shelves; you can also experiment with the sinks. You can replace your stainless-steel sink with a porcelain one and vice versa. As porcelain sinks come in a variety of colors and sizes, you can choose something that matches your creativity in the kitchen. It is comparatively quieter to use and lasts for more than 30 years if used carefully. It has low maintenance and can be refinished if required. You can buy porcelain sinks online as well as offline.

Adding the Art

You can add art to the kitchen counter to warm up this space. While you might think that it might look weird, the art can actually conceal electrical outlets if strategically placed. Art in the kitchen will make the place more creative, innovative, and fascinating to make memories. It will create positive vibes and make cooking more interesting.

Installing Suction Hooks

You can add a suction hook in your kitchen if you need an additional spot to hang a dish towel, knives, mashers, hand blenders, and spatulas. As these hooks are easy to remove, you can adjust and reposition them whenever you require.

Buying Bar Stools

Bar stools will make your kitchen look good and comfortable. However, it becomes extremely important to select bar stools that complement the decor on both sides of the room if you have an open floor plan. A bar stool with a curved back will give your modern kitchen an elegant look too. With swivel seats, these stools will also help you to chat with your guests sitting in the living room couch while you are cooking. 

Squeezing Storage in Every Corner

We all want our kitchen to look spacious even if its size is small. Even if we have a large kitchen, we still want to fit in more storage. A clever shelving unit that fits into an empty corner is a good idea for every type of kitchen. The underutilized space can be used to keep magazines, cookbooks, spoon holders, and aprons.

Adding Plants

A house is incomplete without plants and herbs. If you have a potted plant in every room of your house; why exclude the kitchen. You can plant lemongrass, oregano, parsley, or coriander in a pot and place it in your kitchen. You can use these herbs while cooking or garnishing as per your needs. Make sure that your kitchen gets ample sunlight. Besides herbs, you can also choose decorative plants and make your kitchen beautiful. You can also go for a hanging plant in this space that will trail down as it grows. However, you should choose a potted plant only after considering your kitchen and the space available. You can also choose between a small windowsill garden and a large fiddle fig.

You can choose a medieval look by blending stainless steel, and use bricks to add the rustic charm. All you need is to think out of the box!

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