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Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring Offshore Software Company

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It is quickly becoming a norm for businesses to hire offshore software development companies because of the numerous benefits they offer. Having a website is fundamental if your business is to attract new customers and stay competitive in today’s digital era. However, business owners may lack the knowledge or in-house skills to develop software. That is why businesses choose to outsource website development service to an offshore software company.

One benefit of hiring an offshore company is that it is cost effective. If you are unable to find a good onshore software development company to create your website, an offshore software company can come in and do the same job at affordable rates. Another benefit is that you will get quality service when you outsource to an offshore software company. Offshore software companies always hire the best developers and designers. That means your website will be built by skilled developers and not amateurs.

Things to avoid while outsourcing

Even though it is true that hiring the best offshore company can help improve your business bottom line, the opposite can be achieved if you hire the wrong offshore software company. Hiring a bad offshore development company can make your business lose time and money. Remember that if an offshore software development company creates an app or website that is bad, your company’s reputation may suffer the consequences in terms of losing customers or sales revenue. If you don’t want your business to suffer the same fate, here are top 4 things to avoid while outsourcing to an offshore software company.

1. Forgetting the end user

Sometimes businesses can get carried away while developing an app or website that they forget it was meant for the end user. It is true that it is a great idea to create a website that reflects what your business stands for. But you should never overlook the fact that this website is meant for the end user. If your offshore software company fails to satisfy the needs of end users, then you will not get value for your money. Before outsourcing to an offshore software development company, make sure you understand the needs of end users. Also, make sure the offshore development company you hire understand the needs of end users before developing the software.

2. Not verifying and interviewing the development team

Before you hire an offshore development team, it is advisable you carry out a proper research on the firm. That means you should verify the credentials of the company before hiring them. Look at the development company’s history of creating software and how much time they take to complete the project. Also, verify what past customers are saying about the software development company. Just like looking for software companies near me, one is supposed to conduct a proper interview before hiring an offshore company. While interviewing the company, look at the experience and skills of their developers.

3. Expecting too much from your development team

Don’t make the basic mistake of expecting too much from your offshore development team. As much as they are skilled and qualified to do the job, don’t expect them to know everything. Perhaps you hired the software development company because they have a good reputation and experience developing websites. However, just like any other business, software development companies have weaknesses and strengths. To avoid putting too much expectation on your software development team, make sure you analyze their skill sets to see if it matches your expectations. Once you identify their strengths, you can work together so as to develop the software you wanted.

4. Being biased and interviewing one firm only

It is a common mistake for businesses to be unconsciously biased while looking for their first offshore software company. They may prefer one software developer because of the reputation or experience they have, and in the process overlook other companies that are more qualified. To avoid this mistake, businesses should look at the potential of all developers before settling on the best firm.


It is not uncommon to see businesses hiring the wrong offshore development company to create a website for them. They end up spending too much time and money on the wrong company that could have been avoided if they did a proper research. If you are a business owner, avoid the above common mistakes that other businesses make while hiring an offshore software company.

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