Long time use and the weather are two of the factors that will significantly impact the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your roof. However, some homeowners wait for a longer time to decide to repair their roof even if signs are showing up that it’s already time to fix it up. It’s understandable if you consider the cost of roof repair nowadays.

If you think about the intensity of the damage that needs to be serviced, the total cost can go up to around $750 to $1,200. The question is how do you know that your roof requires repair? For a little help, here are some signs to consider before you hire a roof repair service.

Loose Shingles

Loose shingle granules are one of the signs that your roof is damaged, and requires repair or replacement. If you notice debris of thick black sand filling around the gutters, it means that loose granules are shedding off from the roof shingles.

If you have gutters, it’s easy to notice that fragments are coming off from the shingles. However, you can also pinpoint the problem if you look for unnatural coloring on your roof. Light surfaces on the roof mean that your roof shingles are showing signs of wear and tear.

Roof is Sagging

It’s one of the signs that your roof has structural issues if it’s already sagging. In this case, it’s a must that you call for a repair service. It’s common that the cause of a sagging roof is a damaged attic decking or foundational supports. If the root of the damage is from the foundation, you should make sure that you repair it right away as it can cause accidents.

Curled or Cracked Shingles

The condition of the roof shingles are typically the easiest way to determine if you need to call for a roof repair service. By way of the roof shingles, for instance, you’ll know if it’s curled or cracked. As the roof ages, there will be a change in its shape, and it’s advisable that you replace or repair it to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home.

Strong winds and bad weather often cause damaged roof shingles, so it’s a must to brace up if there’s a storm hitting in your area. If it’s damaged and needs repair, you can reach to roofing experts like https://www.roofcoonline.com/ for it to get repaired.

Stains around the Wall and Ceiling

Brown stains and spots around the ceiling and wall edges mean that you need to call for a repair service for your roof. Stains are caused by water entering through the roof because of dilapidated shingles and worn-down underlayment.

To solve that problem, you need to hire roofing repair experts to determine the source of the leak and fix it up right away. Typically, you can look in the attic because it’s one of the primary sources of leaking.

Sunlight Goes Through the Attic

Does sunlight come through a home’s attic? Well, that’s one of the indicators that your roof requires replacement or repair. If that’s the case, it’s also possible that cold air, rain, and snow can enter your home through the attic.

The solution to this problem is patching up your roof to cover up the leaks. However, if the roof is already nearing or beyond its lifespan, it’s crucial that you replace it with a new one immediately.


The roof of your home serves as a protection against wind, rain, and snow. Not only that, a well maintained roof is a good sign that you’re taking care of your home. That’s why you should see to it that you provide maintenance and repair of your roof. This article is a big help to know the signs if your roof needs repair or replacement.

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