Not every business will have the resources for routine and repetitive tasks such as document management. That holds true most especially for small and medium companies with limited human resources. This is why many of the most successful SMEs today use data entry outsourcing to cut costs, save time, and streamline their workflows.

Without data entry services, your in-house team will be stuck doing all data entry functions by themselves—and this takes their time away from core business tasks that have a more direct and immediate impact on your company’s profitability. It takes a lot of time to enter data manually from paper into the computer, and costly mistakes and delays in processing information inevitably occur along the way. So if you want to avoid all that hassle, be sure to invest in the right professional data entry service.

Outsourcing your data entry needs to a professional can bring the following benefits to your business:

  1. Focus on your core business activities

Save effort and time that would otherwise be spent on monotonous, repetitive, non-core business activities. This way, you can dedicate more time and effort to focus important tasks in your workplace, such as growing your business. Never worry about your in-house team being burned out with repetitive data entry tasks.

Reputable data encoders can process any type of document, including legal files (i.e. leases, trust deeds and wills, foreclosure and housing documents, employment and business documents, etc.). They also provide catalog data entry by capturing product data from scanned, printed, or web-based catalogs and entering it in your preferred file format to make it easy for your team to access important information.

  1. Save money

Data entry outsourcing can help you save up to 40 percent on operational expenses. With those savings, you might be able to reduce your service rates and offer more competitive prices to your customers.

Savings also come in the form of reduced overhead costs. You will be relying on a third-party outsourced team to take care of repetitive tasks—which means you won’t have to hire additional staff and invest in their salaries, additional infrastructure and computers, and compensations. All those savings can go to providing more benefits (i.e. more competitive compensation) to your in-house staff.

  1. Avoid risks

Outsourcing to data entry services can effectively improve the output of your in-house team, especially when it allows them to accomplish their core responsibilities with ease. Professional data entry specialists are good at what they do. They apply the double keying method to guarantee at least 99.95 percent accuracy. They can efficiently extract the necessary details from your files, whether they are HR documents, scanned forms, magazines, journals, EOBS, or invoices, and deliver them to you in your desired format, such as Excel or CSV.

  1. Enhance productivity and work efficiency

By outsourcing to data entry experts, you can concentrate on your business and your staff can do their jobs more efficiently. You and your team can focus all your time and energy on core business tasks, so you all feel less overworked.

  1. Enhanced security and reliability

Data entry outsourcing can provide greater security and reliability for the business as it delivers the technology and experience for the task. They abide by data safety standards and acceptable security protocols to keep your business information safe and secure. Data encoders use only the most cutting-edge software programs, high-end servers, and the latest computer hardware. Moreover, they are available round-the-clock, so you can be sure that your documents will be delivered securely and on time.

Seasoned encoders are highly trained and up-to-date with the best techniques and knowledge for data input, so you can count on quicker turnaround time without compromise on the quality of your data. They maintain compliance with leading security and data standards and follow the best practices in maintaining confidentiality and security with all your data. You can be confident that they use FTP or a VPN when exchanging files and data, and that they are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified for the most stringent information security.

Where to outsource data entry

Tronitech offers a complete suite of data entry services with focus on speed, accuracy, and savings. They work directly with you to collaborate, communicate, and deliver data entry solutions that can relieve you and your in-house team from the hassles of manual data entry while making sure that you experience all the benefits associated with outsourcing. With Tronitech, your business can experience the best of processes, technology, and people to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and accurate data entry and processing.

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