Deploying a pull printing solution in business environments is crucial to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of important documents. All too often, business intelligence and other critical information get leaked because of unauthorized access to confidential documents left on network printer trays. Pull printing enables organizations to apply strict authorization policies and secure authorization so no unauthorized eye can browse through these documents.

Pull printing is known by many names like the print release, Find-Me printing, and Follow-Me print. It is a two-step process that adds an extra layer of security to your printing environment. First, a user must send their print job to the printer or printer server. Then, authentication is required to release the document at the printer end. This final step authenticates the action and ensures that only you or someone authorized can “release” and have access to the print job.

Pull Printing software offers users a variety of options but depending on your office network’s requirements, you could deploy a Follow-Anywhere functionality to let users direct their print job to follow them anywhere within the office network, or you could simply choose to restrict access on prints to increase security on printed documents. Below are common options for releasing print job via secure pull printing:

  • Through release stations equipped with pull printing – A physical device next to a printer is set up to serve as a kiosk station where end users can view their print jobs on queue and pull them down to their desired or a specified printer.
  • Pull printing via mobile devices – A mobile app is installed on a user’s mobile device with which they can select and release stored print jobs.
  • Multifunction printer (MFP) that allow for Embedded Apps to run inside the printer – Print jobs can be released using an MFP’s printer control panel. 

Benefits of Deploying a Print Release Solution

  1. Enhanced Security for Document Handling

Containing and keeping sensitive documents confidential is crucial (and often challenging) to organizations. If these documents were to be seen by unauthorized persons or fall into wrong hands, disaster could result in the form of information breaches. With pull printing, you can make sure that only authorized people can have access to and print all-important documents, preventing data security leaks. User authentication at release stations can be done through a smart card or a passcode as well as through a printer equipped with a card reader so there is no more need for a release workstation.

  1. Reduced Printing Expenses

Print release systems also reduce waste by encouraging users to only print essential work-related documents and by reducing the number of copies needed. This can help you eliminate at least 1/3 of your print waste and save you a great deal on overall print costs. For organizations maintaining fleets of printing devices, the cost of maintaining paper, ink, toner, and the printers themselves can easily add up over time. Pull printing likewise eliminates waste in these situations by averting accidental print outs and ensuring that documents are always retrieved securely.

  1. Fewer Print-Related IT Calls

Another benefit of secure pull printing is reducing user frustration, thanks to a simplified print solution that helps organizations monitor and fix errors easier through proactive alerting on top of other features. The same efficiency can be expected even in high volume office environments managing hundreds and even thousands of print queues.

  1. Improved Workflow

Workflow is a huge buzzword in many industries and organizations are actively pursuing more efficient and streamlined workflows that help increase productivity while maximizing resources and eliminating waste. Pull printing is one of the best solutions for improving organizational workflow as it allows users to place their documents in a print queue and pull them down on their own time. If one printer isn’t working properly, the user can simply go to another available device to release the required document there as opposed to waiting around for helpdesk rescue.  In systems that don’t allow this functionality by default, setting up at least one or several failover printers is recommended in case of printer failure.

  1. Green Initiatives

With more and more businesses taking on green initiatives as they become more environmentally conscious, many are also looking at pull printing as a way to conserve resources and beef up their green efforts. Server-less pull printing is possible which means reduced energy consumption by eliminating the need for multiple print servers throughout the organization. Predetermined print settings and policies also help increase environmental awareness and reduce unnecessary waste by providing users options or automatically setting print outs for duplex or black and white printing.

Secure pull printing and print release software from Plus Technologies increases security, confidentiality, and regulatory compliance for document processes within business environments. On top of their pull printing software capabilities, they also provide several enterprise print and output management solutions for mobile printing and other document handling processes.

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