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Top 5 BIN Checkers You Should Know

BIN stands for Banker Identification Number and is the first 6 digits of your credit or debit card. It is through this number that merchants can identify whether their customer’s credit or debit card is real or fake. The merchants use BIN Checker to determine the credibility of the card payments and to prevent credit card related crimes. 

How BIN Checker Works?

The first thing the BIN checker does is verify the BIN number and if it is an invalid number, it searches for more details about this number in the database. It extracts all details like card type, card issuing bank, card number, country, currency, and scheme from the database. The merchants can match the information from the checker and the card details provided by the customer. If the shared information by the customer is not matching, then he could be a fraudster.  

Top 5 BIN Checkers

1. Free BIN Checker

This is a premium BIN checker service to easily find out fraudulent credit card transactions. It is very simple to use and is very efficient. The customer has to key in the first 6 digits of the card number. This site will instantly start the process of checking the Bank Identification Number with over 600,000 BIN details in its database. 


    • API integration with the client’s website is possible to get instant fraud transaction results.
    • Offers very accurate card data.
    • No worries of privacy as the data details are deleted automatically after the verification process.

2. Bank BIN List

This is another very fast and accurate online BIN number checkup service. It accepts prepaid, credit, debit, or charge cards. The BIN records database is updated frequently and ensures 100% safety and privacy of the entered BIN details. It gives out the BIN checking results within a flash. 


    • Links the BIN to the Issuer and uses IP to search the location of the customer.
    • Over 300,000 BIN number and over 10 million IP address in its database.
    • Instant checks are done to deny or approve different transactions.

3. IIN BIN List

This is one of the easiest BIN checkers available online. It offers a 99% accuracy BIN checking rate and ensures instant information regarding the debit and credit cards. It is a boon for all online and physical stores accepting credit, debit, or prepaid cards to know if their customer’s card is genuine or not.


    • Provides details of card type and country, bank name, and length of the card number for quick comparison.
    • Very simple user interface, so that anyone with no technical knowledge can use it easily.
    • 99% accuracy rate.

4. Exact Bins

Exact Bin’s database software is updated every day to offer the customers a comprehensive Bank Identification Number list. It is an ideal tool for both physical and online stores to secure their business from online credit card frauds. It helps quickly identify the card issuer and track the card’s BIN for its genuineness. This tool offers additional information like card brand, card type and its sub-type, etc. 


    • Over 320,000 BIN database.
    • Instant information about the card genuineness shared with the client. 
    • All details including card type and sub-type are extracted and shared within seconds.

5. BIN Checker 

This tool offers the easy and the best solution to prevent online payment fraud. It has a well-structured BIN record database and hence you can get details about your BIN checking within seconds. It has a large database that is accurate and easily parsed for quick results. The provider also come s with an API option  that allows the clients to easily integrate the API to  their website for making the payment process 100% safe and quick.  


    • Large database that undergoes regular updates.
    • The database is neatly structured so that it can be easily analyzed.
    • API integration with merchant’s website for safe payment processing. 

Closing Thoughts 

In this day and age, it is very important to keep an eye on every online card transaction. One of the easiest way to ensure that the card payments made by customers at physical and online stores are genuine or not is to use the best BIN database checker tool. This can give the merchant complete peace of mind and allow them to do business without the worry of fraudulent payments.

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