The innovative change that has occurred in the IT world has brought new job and career opportunities for tech-savvy people. Securing a career in IT not only guarantees a successful future but also ensures personal development. Several money-making opportunities in the IT sector are there which are highly demanded by large-scale and small-scale enterprises. Some of these options include being a CCNP Enterprise manager or a quality assurance officer etc. In addition to this, we will discuss five career options in the IT sector that are highly demanded and will help you secure a good flow of income. 


  1. Web development:

You might be aware of the fact that most businesses either big or small have an up and running website. In the 21st century, websites are an integral component of a successful business. For this reason, choosing a career in web development is not a bad idea. On average, web developers earn around $70,000-$80,000 per year, which is a pretty decent amount. 


  1. Video game development:

With the growing trend in video game consoles like the PS5 and Xbox one, media-based entertainment companies are in constant need of new thoughts and ideas to create a successful video game. Therefore, opting for video game development would be a good career option and if you already have a knack for video games, consider that to be a bonus. 


  1. Data analyst:

When companies make certain decisions, they always do so with the help of accurate and evidence-backed data. This is where data analysts come in. The job of a data analyst is to provide their employer with data that is easy to understand and which can further help the employer make important decisions. Data analysts use various tools like Apache Spark, Excel, and machine learning to create meaningful data from undefined raw data. 


  1. Network management: 

Possessing core operating and networking skills is highly important when it comes to achieving company objectives. The main objective of a network manager is to manage and operate data with the help of a network management system. Network management in itself is pretty challenging. But, if you want to understand your capability in this field, you should consider giving the 350-401 dumps exam. This exam will primarily assess how well your core networking skills are.


  1. Programming: 

Programming is also a well-known field in the IT sector. Programmers primarily deal in the development of programming languages which further help in developing websites and desktop/mobile applications. The issue with learning programming is that it can be difficult for many people as it requires a good grasp of coding. However, if one can handle the pressure of coding, it is well worth the effort.



When it comes to career development in the IT sector, there are lots of options out there. The world has evolved to such an extent that every aspiring individual has the opportunity to grow and flourish in the field that he or she is interested in, especially in IT.


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