By not understanding the assignment, we mean that the following Netflix shows failed to understand what the viewers wanted to watch. Let’s take a look at what those shows were and why they failed!


Iron Fist season 3was reportedly cancelled and The Next Hint has confirmed that it is not going to return for a third inning. The reason behind that is the fact that Marvel took the liberty of tampering with a lot of elements of the show. It is extremely crucial while making a superhero show that you analyze the needs of your audience and then come up with something so amazing that will blow their minds. But the makers of the show failed to understand this simple thing, and hence the show received a lot of negative reviews and it was truly a wonder that it even got to see a second season. The only reason behind that being possible is that Marvel fans are quite considerate and they gave another chance to the showmakers to redeem themselves. However, it seems that the showmakers failed to do so and the future of this series now lies in darkness.

  1. FREUD

Based on the life of Sigmund Freud, this show was a rather good attempt at showcasing his younger days. However, the show failed to meet the expectations and was rated poorly on many review aggregator platforms. Even though the acting and the storyline of the show were not that bad, it failed to establish a connection with the audience and the reason behind that is the inability of showmakers to truly understand the concept of making a semi-fictional biopic.

  1. JINN

The arabic culture is full of wonderful tales about mythical beings and this show was an attempt to explore one such being which goes by the name of Jinn. Jinn received a lot of flak because of how stupidly the things were handled in the show and it was categorized as “so bad that it is not even good” by many of the viewers. Why did it happen? Well, the only people responsible for the miserable fate of this show are the showmakers. Have you watched this show yet? What do you think about it not working out?

  1. HACHE

The history of Netflix with Spanish shows is considered to be decently good with the example of Money Heist taken into consideration. However, Hache fails to strengthen the bond between Netflix and Spanish language shows because it failed to keep the viewers entertained with whatever little entertainment quotient its ages old story had in store for the viewers.


Roman Empire is a show which was neither made with the intention to make a captivating period drama nor a documentary. The viewers got to see a hotchpotch of both in the end product and that led to the failure of this show.

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