Success is one of the many things in this world that is easy to describe but difficult to identify. This article will discuss the most important qualities to track down for the most successful and professional accountants for your business.

There is no single blueprint for success, but the best accountants share particular traits. Successful accountants are team players, stay dedicated to their professional and personal development, willing to go above and beyond, technically proficient with attention to detail and pride themselves on their ethical responsibilities and commitments.

Regardless of their make-up; be it a matter of nurture or nature, these are the kind of individuals you want on your team and in your company. That being said, here are a few things to look for in your hunt for a professional accountant.

Team Player

Expert accountants are great team players. To be certain, they prioritise their individual responsibilities and duties. You will not come across them struggling to find motivation or slacking at their jobs. At the same time, they know that they are just one part of the team. This makes them flexible enough to adapt to varying roles and have no problem meshing with the varying styles of other professionals around them.

Ethical Behaviour

A person’s moral compass is the one thing that defines them. A professional accountancy firm, like Wardle Partners, know that there are no shades of grey in the domain of accounting ethics. Accountants who are successful in the field know that giving an accurate picture of the firm’s current position is vital for providing key decision makes enough information to move the company forward. When it comes to accounting, there’s no room for inaccuracy.


Successful accountants tend to have a proactive mindset. They’re always eager to find efficiencies and improve on the current inefficiencies. They will ask you questions like, ‘where will the company be in five years?’ They view themselves as business partners and thus end up adding value to the company.


Accountants are ideally dedicated to building their finance and accounting toolbox. They are aware that in order to remain relevant and current, they have to embrace both personal and professional development. However, they are not just driven by their own goals. Their commitment extends to their organisation, team and manager. They will not mind working overtime to ascertain important tasks get done.


The accounting and finance field is full of challenges. Whether it is juggling competing needs or managing a tight timeline, experienced accountants assume an array of responsibilities. The best, however, handle problems in a solutions-oriented manner. And make no mistake- successful accountants are unparalleled problem-solvers.


Great accountants also have no problem in taking on more roles, whether it is taking on a leadership role, or assuming additional duties. Such accountants want their careers to progress and are usually not content with their current status. They are intrinsically motivated to achieve and go beyond their current career position.

The next time you are searching for an accountant, look at these hallmarks and you’ll undoubtedly find someone that will add value to your business.

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