Community Event Ideas

Organizing local events is a great idea to bring the community closer, whether you want to celebrate an event or raise funds, this is a great opportunity for people to come closer and get to know each other hence we have come up with 10 community event ideas which will bring everyone together.

  1. Host a Party on the Street:

The street party is an old tradition which is popular to date. You can arrange for a full-fledged party with parade, music and lots of fun on your street which would be a treat for all the children and adults.

  1. Arrange an Arts & Crafts Festival:

Every community has adults and kids who are good artists, why not showcase their talent by arranging for an arts & crafts festival to display their talent to the public? This will not just be a fun event but also encourage and motivate the budding artists from your street.

Crafts Festival

  1. Screen a Film:

This sounds a bit old-fashioned, but we are sure many adults and kids will enjoy if you can arrange to screen a film in a community center or school. You can choose a blockbuster film or an old classic film. You can also theme this event by asking guests to dress like the characters from the movie.

  1. Gather a Gang to Garden:

What better than doing community service in a group? Organize a green event where every participant needs to plant a sapling or clear up weeds. This will not just bring the gardening community together but also will make your street cleaner and greener.

  1. Organize a Recycle Event:

This event just brings all people together and also helps the environment when people bring items that they do not use anymore so that all these unwanted items can be collected to be sent for recycling. A few items can also be taken to charity or local thrift shops.

  1. Organize a Trivia or Quiz Night:

Who does not like to participate in a quiz contest for fun? One such great idea for a community event is to arrange for a quiz or trivia night with general questions or specific quiz questions regarding your street.

  1. Put Together a Pets Event:

Why not bring all animal lovers together by organizing a pet day when they get to come to the street party with their pets and pet owners get to know each other better? Local pet shops can be asked to put up stalls as well to promote their business and they can also become the sponsors of this event.

  1. Hold a Themed Day Party:

Another community event idea would be to hold a themed day where everyone gets to dress up as a character. This can become like your own street comic con. You can also get funds to arrange for actors dressed as famous Disney characters or better, make them wear Realistic Dinosaur Costume, this will add extra fun to the party which not just the kids, but the adults will enjoy as well.

  1. Bonfire or Fireworks Night:

Lighting up the sky at night is a great idea that would amaze the crowd. Setting up bonfire also is a perfect way to bring the community together on a winter night.

Also, set up a barbeque stall or serve roasted marshmallows to the people so that they can have a good time.

Fireworks Night

  1. Farmer’s Market or Food Festival:

It has been observed that good food brings people together hence arranging for a food festival or approaching local farmers to set some shops in your street can be a hit event to bring people together. Also, people will try out the food items from the stalls which can be a great opportunity for local food businesses to promote their brand.

  1. Organize Performances:

One great idea of bringing all people in the community together is to arrange for a show where anyone could volunteer to perform. The rehearsals will bring all participants together and new friendships will develop. You can arrange for a Christmas street festival where groups can sing Christmas carols and celebrate the occasion together.


Holding a community event may seem to need a bit too much effort, but the results such events yield by bringing people closer and increasing bonds within the community makes the efforts worth it.

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