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Got Sensitive skin? Here are six ways to deal with it!

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Women and skincare go hand in hand. Women are always obsessed with their skin. That is because an increasing number of women are getting more conscious of their looks than ever before.


Did you know that the global skincare industry is growing at a whopping rate of 25% each year? And it will continue growing as customers become more conscious of their looks.  


The skincare industry is driven by the “skintelligent” women of today’s generation. They are more informed about their skins and have detailed information regarding the technicalities that lead to skin troubles. They are also extremely aware of what kind of products or ingredients are harmful to their skin type. 


Dermatologists have labeled our skin into four main types based on how it behaves. Correctly identifying your skin type and using the suitable products that are the basic rule of skincare. However, it is not always easy. 


People blessed with a typical skin type usually do not face any issues. While women with dry or oily skin should take some extra care, it is the people with sensitive skin types that have a hard time. 


A sensitive skin type is the most challenging skin type when it comes to skincare. Typically a sensitive skin is neither dry or oily. It appears red most of the time. Another significant indication of sensitive skin is if your face feels itchy when you use any product. However, if it confuses you, you may want to consult a dermatologist to know for sure. 


People with sensitive skin feel their skin turning red or itchy when they apply any product on their face. It makes it difficult for them to have a skincare routine. Most of the products available in the market are not suitable for sensitive skin types.


If you have sensitive skin, you should be wary of the products you use in your skincare. You may not be able to use a majority of the products available in the market. However, this should not stop you from having a good skincare routine. You to be more informative and make the right choice. If you are having trouble with this, Worry not!! We will help you manage your red and itchy sensitive skin in no time. 


 Here are 6 super effective ways to deal with your skin type-


1. Know what irritates your skin-

The first step towards taking care of your sensitive skin is to know what irritates your skin. An irritant can often trigger redness and irritation in sensitive skin. It may be a particular ingredient in your skincare product or the way you use it. So, first, try to understand what your skin is sensitive to and try to avoid it. 


2. Do not hoard your beauty closet with several products-

If you have a skin that is easily irritated and becomes itchy, it may be wise to avoid having many products in your skincare routine. Dermatologists recommend that having a simple skincare routine is the best way to take care of sensitive skin. Too many products mean your skin is coming in contact with not-so-friendly ingredients. You should always aim at using fewer products with mild ingredients.


3. Make ice your best friend-

Ice can be quite helpful in managing inflammation in sensitive skin. It is especially great for a quick-cool-me-down. You can rub an ice cube over your irritated skin to manage it. Sensitive skin is also prone to sun damage. Rubbing an ice cube over the area exposed to the sun can help you tone down the redness and irritation in no time.

Moreover, this negates the need for using additional products as well, so it is a win-win. Just remember to wrap the ice cube before placing it on your skin. You can also use a mask for redness and inflammation. It would calm down your skin and would provide you a soothing effect.


4. Avoid overly fragranced skincare products-

Skincare products with a divine smell are something that all of us love to indulge. Unfortunately, you may have to keep your hands off these if you have skin that does not agree with strong smells. Sensitive skin does not take well with heavily fragranced products so it is best to avoid them. But that does not mean that you have to restrict yourself to anything that smells good. You can use essential oils that smell good. Make sure to dilute them enough so that it does not irritate your skin. 


5. Moisturize your skin- 

Often, sensitive skin becomes quite dry. Loss of moisture can also lead to itchiness and irritation. It is Important to moisture your sensitive skin. Opt for a fragrant free moisturizer that is light for everyday use. Also, it shouldn’t contain ingredients that may irritate your skin. Use a good moisturizer regularly and you will find that your skin is behaving better.  


6. A good sunscreen is a must-


This rule applies to all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Protecting your skin against the harmful rays of the sun should be your number one priority at all times. The sun can cause irreparable damage to your skin. It can also rob your skin of its precious moisture, leaving it dry and inflamed. But with sensitive skin, you must opt for a sunscreen with a higher SPF and which is gentle on your skin. 


Tips to remember while caring for your sensitive skin-

  • Avoid using skincare products with dyes or excessive use of chemicals. They will irritate your skin further and cause itchiness. 
  • You should also avoid using harsh soaps on your face. Soaps can be quite drying and can lead to your skin, turning dry and flaky.
  • Exfoliating sensitive skin can be a bit tricky. Though it is essential to get rid of the dead skin cells, be sure not to use products that can be very strong. Mild exfoliators 1-2 times a week may suffice
  • If your skin reacts most of the time badly and makes it difficult for you to handle, you may visit a dermatologist. They will be able to rule out possible skin conditions and give you the right advice on skincare. 



Taking care of sensitive skin is undoubtedly a challenge, but with the right weapons, you can surely win the war. Just follow the tips above, and you will find your sensitive skin flaring up rarely. Remember, the key to a good skincare routine for any skin type should include the right products along with a healthy diet. So, make sure you eat right, hydrate yourself inside and out, and use the right products. Your skin will certainly give a healthy glow for you to enjoy!!!  


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