Whether you are having a vineyard or a beach wedding, we are here to help you pick the best wine bottle wedding favors. With a plethora of options available online, it can truly get overwhelming to pick the right wedding favors, especially when the wedding date is just a few weeks away.

If wine is your wedding’s focal point, you certainly need to think about incorporating wine in other areas of your reception. From mini wine bottles to choosing wines with custom labels, we will help you with an impressive range of wine bottle wedding favors to choose from.

wine bottle wedding favors
wine bottle wedding favors

So, let’s dive in!

Custom wine bottle labels

You certainly want to thank the guests who made the time to attend your wedding. Why not say it with a thank you label on a wine bottle. You can customize the wine bottle labels with personalized messages to show your family and friends what their presence means to you. You can select a few wine flavors and get the label personalized. Most of the wineries can help you with that.

Personal flavored wines

If you have time for your wedding, you can your fiancée can make your custom flavored wine in the winemaking shop. The wine bottles can then be labeled with a lovely photo of the couple. If you wish to give your guests personal wine bottle wedding favors, nothing works better than a bottle of wine that you have made and bottled yourself.

Wine bottle stoppers

If wine bottle wedding favors are not your thing, why not hand over wine bottle stoppers instead. Available in various designs and different themes, the wine bottle stoppers will surely have your guests thinking about you every time they use it. You can even order wine bottle stoppers to match the theme of your wedding or your wedding cake.

Mini wine bottles

Mini wine bottles have always been a hit with couples and their guests. Known to be the best wine bottle wedding favors available, these cute wine bottles are easy to carry and can be filled with different flavors of wine. You can even add a personalized thank you label to it!

Escort cards

Why don’t you lead the way in a fun and cheerful way? Use the wine bottle escort cards to show the way to your guests. It looks like it is time for the wine to lead the way!

Wine bottles with a monogram

Did you get a monogram designed for your wedding invitation and your cake? If yes, why not have monogrammed wine bottle wedding favors. You can easily create your mark on a sparkling wine bottle as well. Just give it a thought!

wine bottle wedding favors
wine bottle wedding favors

Tagged wine bottles

If you are looking for simple wine bottle wedding favors, you can add tags to the wine bottles. This not only makes it look sophisticated but is trendy as well. You can add any additional details like a message or a thank you note on the tags as well, but make sure that the tags are sturdy. You can even create photo tags to add a little personalized touch.

Choosing a wine bottle wedding favors can be a daunting task. You have a lot of wedding favors available online, or you can even look for suggestions at a winery nearby. If you are planning a wedding in a vineyard, they would for sure have some samples to show you.

So, now that you know the various styles of wine bottle wedding favors you can choose from, put on your thinking hat, and get shopping. We are sure you will find the right wedding favor you are looking for!


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