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Travel: Tadoba National Park, The Wildlife Tour To Enjoy


November 16, 2016

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By Walter Moore

Tadoba wildlife safari tour is an experience to share with friends and family members. It is definitely a great option for those who seek thrill and adventure while holidaying.

The wildlife experience

Tadoba is considered to be one of the finest national parks in India. It is popularly known as the Jewel of Vidarbha. Tadoba is filled with rich flora and fauna. Some of the rarest species of animals, reptiles, insects, birds, and plants can be seen in this part of India. The major attraction, however, is the tiger reserve. Besides this, other notable animal species that attract global travelers are sloth bears, jackals, tigers, hyenas,

Besides this, other notable animal species that attract global travelers are sloth bears, jackals, tigers, hyenas, panthers and bison. The presence of these exotic wild species and arresting ambiance makes Tadoba Tiger Reserve a great place for wildlife freaks and nature admirers.

The tiger project 

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is a part of the Tadoba National Park. It is located at the Chandrapur District in the western part of India, in Maharashtra. Considered to be the oldest and the largest national park of the state, Tadoba has over 40 tigers as per the Census Report of 2010. However, the number has increased in the last 6 years. The tiger project was set up way back in 1965.

It is because of the tiger reserve that this national park attracts attention of travelers from different corners of the world. It is definitely an amazing destination for those who love jungle and wildlife safaris. There are special gypsies and buses available to enjoy the jungle safaris, most notably the tiger project.

The accommodation part

Tadoba National Park resorts are in great demand among the tourists. These are mostly run by the forest department and come at a cheap rate. In fact, the rates are flexible according to the packages being asked for. The accommodation includes both lodging and fooding facilities. Also keep in mind, the jungle safaris are chargeable additionally.

There are packages where you need not have to pay anything for the safaris. Everything is included in the package rate. However, if you opt for flexible packages, it is important to know that the safaris and sightseeing tours are chargeable depending on the type of events tourists prefer to get involved in.

When to visit

If you are planning to visit Tadoba during the months of December or January, the climate is heavenly. In fact, it is the best time of the year to visit Tadoba National Park. However, there is no guarantee on sighting tigers during this season. Actually, tigers usually don’t come out of the den during cool weather conditions. But, during this part of the year, you will observe different types of flowers, birds and rare animal species roaming around in the ‘jungle.’

For sighting tigers, it is always better to visit Tadoba during the warm climatic conditions. The best months to sight a tiger are April, May and the early part of June. Also, once the monsoon strikes in, there will be no sighting of the tiger or other wildlife species. So, it is better to avoid the monsoon season, mostly from early July to September.

Wildlife tours are quite unconventional in terms of experience. There may be difficulty in accommodation and fooding. But, Tadoba is different. It comes with fine accommodation facilities along with restaurants and recreational options.

So, this wildlife tour will not disappoint you by any means. Plan the outing and head for the wildlife tour of life.

Author Bio: Walter Moore is a travel organizer and wildlife expert. He has been a guide for Tadoba wildlife safaris for the last 15 years. He has worked with several Tadoba National Park resorts.  

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