Hua Hin, a place that is famous as a destination for people on holiday, has so many activities to enjoy, places to eat or shop at, and a number of historical landmarks. Just a little ways outside of the bustling town are caves, national parks and breathtaking waterfalls to entice any explorer.

It is so enticing, in fact, that many don’t only visit once or briefly, but as evidenced by website from Hua Hin Property Agents, many will even rent or buy property just so they can keep going back.

So, what makes Hua Hin so amazing and what should you plan on doing on your visit there to catch the best possible experiences? Here are a few of the activities that we believe should absolutely be on your list of places to see and things to do on your visit.

Mrigadayavan Palace
Located in the City of Diamonds, this palace used to be the seaside home of King Rama VI, Siam’s ruler between 1910 and 1925.

Constructed in 1923, the name Mrigadayavan stuck because of the abundant hog deer in the area. The palace’s name comes from “Isipatana Mrigadayavan” which is the park in India where the Buddha delivered one of his first sermons.

Constructed by the Italian architect, Ercole Pietro Manfredi, the palace took barely over a year to complete, and was considered humble by most royal residence standards. This is a site that has been continuously well preserved, and should be seen by anyone wishing to glimpse some of the royal history of Siam.

Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Jungle

Hailed as the first true water jungle of Asia, Vana Nava Hua Hin is located deep inside authentic tropical jungle surroundings. Featuring both the water jungle zone and adventure zone, there are so many rides and water themed attractions to keep visitors entertained all day.

For Art’s Sake

This is a museum that goes beyond your typical tourist experience.

Rather than a “look don’t touch” feel, this museum encourages exhibit interaction, as a 4D attraction. All of the photos that a visitor could want are encouraged here. The art, completed by Thai artists, is complemented by special sound effects (hence the fourth-dimension piece), and is separated into a number of zones that can cater to any age.

There is the Mirror Climb, Horror Zone, Childhood Zone, Hua Hin Zone, Imagination Zone, Piano Stairs, Highlight Room, Illusion Windows, and much more! Definitely cannot miss this one-of-a-kind museum!

Food Tours

Whenever visiting a new place, experiencing the food is nearly at the top of the list.

Thai food has permeated nearly every area of the world with its crave-able taste, and while it would be literally impossible to taste everything and visit every restaurant (depending on your stay, of course), a food tour has become a common option for visitors.

Take in authentic Thai food, whether it’s restaurants or street food that you’re craving, and enjoy more insights into how this cuisine is crafted with an experienced foodie. This will ensure you get the best food oriented experience possible, no matter how short your stay is.

Mercado de Plearnwan

A compilation of four distinct zones offering a very interactive experience of life “in the good old days,” Mercado de Plearnwan seeks to be a community where everyone lives happily and the entire community works together.

It was founded from the beliefs and interests of Phattra Sahwat Koy, an individual who treasured the community spirit and fought to keep it alive in a world where everyone seems to grow farther apart.

This market area isn’t just decorated to be vintage or old town style, it lives and breathes it. The community’s goal is to allow people to live sustainably under any circumstances, providing jobs for children to help provide a prosperous future. For an in-depth cultural experience, a visit here is a must!

Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

Going beyond your typical zoo, this is a place that offers visitors a number of activities that let them safely interact with the elephants on a far closer scale than any kind of zoo.

You might be able to feed giraffes at some zoos, but the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation allows for visitors to experience a bareback ride on an elephant, a walk alongside them, and even the opportunity to feed and shower with them. Educational talks are hosted three days each week, as is a three hour long mahout experience that is available twice each week.

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