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Travel: The Top 10 Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

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By Zac Ferry

Hong Kong is known for its busy life and cozy coffee shops that are present all over the place. You would enjoy unwinding yourself at one of the best coffee shops in Hong Kong. With this article, we bring to you a list of the top 10 coffee shops in Hong Kong where you can get your dose of caffeine in the best way possible.

1. The Cupping Room

Located between hardware stores and other shops related to construction, The Cupping Room is a typical coffee joint in the town of Wan Chai and it serves some of the most sophisticated coffees. It makes use of Gelsha Coffee beans to ensure the best quality.

2. Café Heato

Run by passionate owners, they have a list of refined coffees that range from latte macchiato to flat whites. You will start chilling out the moment you enter the café and have a look at the oil paintings and handicrafts. You can sit here and relax all day.

3. Knockbox

If you love coffee, this is the place to be. It has Bolivia Buena Vista Organic Cascara: the house blend coffee that is made using cherries grown in organic fields. It makes use of exclusive brewing methods to get an exclusive taste.

4. Zai Fe

It stands for strong black coffee and it is known to deliver coffee directly from the roster from coffee beans that are imported from all over the world.

5. Café Deadend

In the Po Hing Fong, there is a quiet corner that has flowers and is peaceful in an outdoor setting; where you can grab a professional barista.

6. Arabica

With extensive usage of wood and steel, visitors will feel that they are in Japan when they visit this café. The quality of café keeps improving constantly and their coffees stand among the best in town.

7. Kubrick

In the vicinity of a cinema center, this café is named in admiration of Stanley Kubrick. It has a book store and café, thereby making it a favorite among book lovers who wish to indulge in their books while sipping on some strong coffee.


In a setback of black and white and murals for décor, it serves excellent brunches and is a European delight. It makes use of in-house ingredients to ensure that the taste remains excellent. It has some of the best types of coffee.

9. Manson’s Lot

The theme of this restaurant is inspired from Australia and the drinks menu features a variety of coffee types, thereby making it a favorite among patrons. It comprises of white brews and there are a variety of types of coffees available ranging from mocha to macchiato.

10. Accro Coffee

Tsuyoshi Mok, the winner of several world class events has paired with Pinky Leung in order to start this brew house that sources coffee beans from Indonesia, Bolivia, Ethiopia and Guatemala to serve people with the best type of coffee.

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