How To Ride Safely On Bicycles

Lately, there has been a rise in critical, even deadly, accidents involving vehicles and cyclists, including some high profile pro triathletes. It is because of the increase in triathlon and cycling in the U.S which puts more cyclists on the road.

Triathletes and cyclists have rights on the roads as much as anyone else in their vehicle. But, some drivers not only disagree with the cyclist’s right on the road, but they also create havoc with their reckless and irresponsible driving skills. And because of this reckless driver, bicycle accidents occur.

The road might be risky for cyclists. However, the majority of accidents also occur because of unsafe riding. Here are some easy guides to keep triathletes as safe as possible when it comes to riding their bicycles.

Do not use your iPod or wear earphones while cycling

It is a big mistake if cyclists and triathletes do this while cycling. Earphones and music distort their spatial awareness. Even when they minimize the volume, they still cannot hear approaching vehicles.

It goes for taking phone calls as well. If someone is calling, they would need to stop and deal with the call first.

It is better to ride in groups

A group of cyclists is more visible and frustrated drivers are less likely to confront a group. However, in most states, cyclists can ride two alongside but must split up if the road narrows or if there are blind curves.

Never ride on dumb roads

Dumb roads are a bit sketchy. They have small or no bike lanes, heavy traffic, bad pavement, and so on. As much as possible, cyclists need to avoid these roads and it’s better to bike the katy trail rather for your vigorous dose of fitness exercise. It is much better to find another way than to get into a dangerous situation.

Expect the worst

Some drivers are self-centered and oblivious, especially in towns. Any cyclist and triathletes should be cautious because there are vehicles that turn across bike lanes or speed past them.

They need to be aware of what is happening around them. And these triathletes should be prepared to grab their brakes and be alert anytime.

Always be aware

Paying attention to your surroundings is important. That is why not wearing earphones is highly recommended. Triathletes need to check what’s coming up behind them.

Many of the most dangerous cars like delivery vehicles and large trucks have distinctive sounds. Being aware while riding and recognizing when something large is coming behind is important to make a smart move.


These simple precautions of riding a bike are very easy tips to follow. However, there are still risks of engaging into triathlon, especially during bicycle races, since it involves roads. It is important to have proper knowledge on how to ride safely as triathletes train for their next event.

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