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UFC 193 Holm Defeats Rousey, Not as much of a surprise

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Written by The Dark Knight of Sports LaShawn Encarnacion

Last Night: The fight most saw as a mismatch was just that. Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm was the mismatch most thought it was going to be … just not the direction most were thinking it was at first glance. Lets break down the reasons why Holly Holm had Ronda Rousey outmatched and out of her game.

The most obvious is the pedigree that is Holly Holm as to comes to her boxing background. A World Champion boxer will beat a grappler 10 times out 10 for that is all the boxer needs to do. Keep space between themselves, stick and move and line up the shots. That is the difference between a Judo wrestler and a boxer. Judo is more of “close quarter” combat-style of fighting. Holm clearly had the perfect strategy, playing to her striking strength and keeping Rousey at a distance. Oh and that Rousey vs Mayweather debate can be put to rest and this fight proves why Rousey would be outmatched.

Another reason for Holm winning the fight last night was her ability to get into Rousey’s head early. That weigh-in on Friday, where it was Holm who was intimidating Rousey by putting her fist in her face, was another key to Holm’s victory. Rousey uses fear to intimidate her opponents into making a mistake and playing right into Rousey’s hands and her game plan. Holm was not only fearless in the octagon against Rousey but she got into Rousey’s head before the fight, which led to Rousey being uncharacteristic in the ring.

The lack of time in her bouts is another disadvantage that Rousey had going into this fight against Holm. It is no secret boxers train for long fights routinely and world champion boxers would perceive to be in excellent physical condition and able to go the distance every time they get into a ring/octagon. During the fight last night, it was obvious to everyone that Rousey was winded early as the fight moved past the normal 60-seconds that it normally takes her to take down opponents. Cardiovascular conditioning clearly was on the side of the challenger Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey got caught out of shape, if there is such a thing for this young lady.

This fight … this upset is being talked about in the same breath as the “Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas” upset in boxing in the 90’s. Most know that was the fight that began the downfall of the greatest run in recent memories in boxing. Tyson was never the same after that fight … just ask Evander Holyfield and his ear. Will the same happen to the woman who is the best draw for the UFC right now? With Rousey talking about disappearing for a while and rumors of her retiring from the world of MMA to move onto the next phase of her life, some rumors lead to boxing while others lead to the world of the WWE?

One thing is certain, UFC President Dana White is already on record as stating that the moment Rousey is good to go, then the rematch will begin to get planned for. How long will that be though? Rousey was taken to the hospital after the fight for pre-cautionary reasons but there might be more to it by the way she looked in the ring after the beating she took at the hands of the new champion, Holly Holm.

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