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The Power of Oxytocin in Autism Treatment

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Autism is a mental condition that begins in a child’s early development age. This condition makes it hard for children to maintain social relations. Children with autism also have a hard time communicating.

Basically, autism is a brain development disorder that commonly affects children and teenagers. The most common symptoms that autistic people show are:

  • Difficulty in making reasonable communication
  • Difficulty in socializing
  • Lack of interest in people
  • Lack of interest in play
  • Delayed non-verbal communication skills e.g. eye contact
  • Lack of compassion for other people’s pain and sorrow

Is your child having a hard time interacting socially? If so, find out if your child is autistic or she is just a calm and collected child. If she is showing one or more of the above mentioned symptoms, this might be a red flag. Seek a doctor’s advice. Nonetheless, love and care for your child, autistic or not.

In case you find out that your little angle is autistic, do not despair. Oxytocin, the so called ‘trust, love and cuddle hormone,’ is said to improve social skills in children with autism. This hormone has shown some promising results across the globe.

Over the years research has shown that oxytocin has ties with strengthening a mother to child bond as well as the bond between romantically involved people. It has also been recorded as a possible solution for autistic patients as well. The brain triggers the release of this hormone, improving a person’s ability interact.

The use of nasal spray has made it easier for autistic children to receive treatment. Oxytocin nasal spray autism treatment is one kind of treatment that has proven to work better for children and teenagers who have issues socializing. However, it is not only a solution for social skills, but also emotional, psychological and behavioural skills as well.

If you have a youngster who is fighting autism, chances are you are desperate for anything that might be able to help your child. Good news is you have a chance to catch a breather. Researchers have shown that children who were given oxytocin nasal spray show significant improvement in their social life, emotional and behavioural skills as well.

With oxytocin nasal spray, your kid will be able to connect and reconnect with his or her peers socially. Basically, your child will have a social life just like other kids around him/her.

What they don’t often tell you though is, despite the positive effects of this hormone, children who are given oxytocin are often thirsty, constipate and urinate more.

However, this has not been clinically proven so do not be too quick to jump the gun. In the meantime though, oxytocin is an array of hope to a great majority of people.

Take note: Firstly, know that oxytocin is not a sure treatment for autism. Actually, no possible treatment has been found yet.

Secondly, use of oxytocin for continuously long periods can affect us. It can cause nausea and vomiting, headaches, dizziness, and fetal spray.

Thirdly, just like any other type of medication, different people will react differently to oxytocin. Some people have shown brain and emotional problems emanating from the presence of oxytocin in their system.

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