As in many countries, entering the United States requires a visa, whether you are staying temporarily, whether or not you are a permanent resident. The US has an electronic system in place to obtain this authorization. In fact, different countries have different visa requirements and you must check the criteria before applying for a visa for any country across the globe. These days the system is online like you can get an e visa for Kosovo online.

E-visa for the United States: for whom?

As part of a Visa Waiver Program, citizens of some countries do not need a visa to visit the USA. On the other hand, they must obtain an authorization by using the electronic system of authorization of travel (ESTA) to be accepted on the American territory. The length of stay in this context is 90 days maximum. For this, the alien must fulfill the following conditions:

Have a valid biometric passport that is compatible with the VWP

Make a registration on the website dedicated to the Electronic Travel Authorization System (ESTA) be from a country concerned by the VWP.

Reasons for traveling to the USA

In the context of such a program, the reasons for the trip are also well defined:

– Business: if you are traveling for the purpose of meeting associates or attending a conference, an educational, scientific, commercial or professional conference held on specific dates; it also concerns those who will negotiate a contract or settle property

– Tourism and leisure: If you travel for your leisure, for holidays, to visit a loved one, or for treatment or medical rest, for charitable, social or service activities; participation in amateur, for contests or musical events, sports and other.

– Transit: for those who have a flight with stopover in the USA.

Conditions of eligibility for the Visa Waiver Program

All travelers concerned by the Waiver Program are not necessarily eligible for such a visa. The system excludes those who have been prosecuted, even if they were arrested without being sentenced. Not everyone who has a criminal record is eligible, as well as those who have a serious contagious illness, or who have a history of entry bans in the US, as well as those who have not met the deadline. allowed to stay in the United States.

How to get the it for the United States?

All passengers wishing to travel to the US under the Visa Waiver Program must do the following:

– Apply for ESTA authorization under the VWP; a site has been set up for this purpose by the US Department of Homeland Security. Your request must be recorded at least 72 hours before your departure.

– Fill out a form called API (Advance Passenger Information)

– Obtain a return ticket (e-ticket) stating your departure from the United States after 90 days

– Complete the CBP customs declaration form on the day of departure, once at the airport



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