Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, hands down. It is packed with breathtaking architecture, fantastic beaches, tasty food, and brilliant beaches. Valencia also has the most amazing weather, experiencing 300 sunny days in a year with temperatures averaging at 25 degrees Celsius.

This city is packed with fascinating tourist attractions and urban stories, which are sure to captivate every listener, so here are some of the most interesting facts about this Jewel of the Mediterranean…

The stag do capital

You simply cannot go wrong with an epic stag do holiday in Valencia. This coastal city has a vibrant nightlife with many VIP nightclubs worth visiting. If you want to party, the clubs, casinos and guided bar crawls will be perfect for you. The Marina Beach Club is the best place to relax and mingle with the locals.

Other stag do activities include Karting, Cataraman cruise in the Mediterranean and jet skiing. If you really want to explore the city with style, take a bike ride through the historic parts and the bustling beachside streets of the city. Valencia also has wild festivals such as Las Fallas and the La Tomatina festival you should definitely check out if you get the chance.

Interesting facts

The following are some of the fascinating facts about Valencia:

● Valencia is the leading economy in Spain ahead of Madrid and Barcelona.

● The cup that Jesus used during the last supper (The Holy Grail) is kept in the Valencia Cathedral.

● The largest European fresh product market is found in Valencia.

● It is home for the narrowest building in Europe. The Lope de Vega Plaza is only 1.07 meters wide.

● Valencia is the original home of Paella, a traditional Spanish dish.

● River Turia that caused a national disaster back in 1957 has been transformed into Europe’s largest city park.

Tourist hotspots of Valencia

Some of the places that tourists regularly flood include:

● City of arts and science: This architectural wonder is located at the end of River Turia.

● The Central Market: This is one of the oldest markets in Europe.Tourist this century-old market for souvenirs and gifts.

● La Lonja de la Seda: This gothic building built in 1533 is a major attraction for tourists.

● L’Oceanografic Aquarium: The aquarium contains 500 species and holds more than 10 million gallons of water. It is a tribute to the amazing Mediterranean sea life.

● Valencia Cathedral: This massive cathedral was built in the thirteenth century. You will find the genuine holy grail in this cathedral.

● Turia gardens: They have a spectacular landscape and plenty of fun attractions. Bike paths, skateboard parks, fountains and sports courts are tourist’s favorites.

● Plaza de Ayuntamiento: This triangular city square flanks the city’s important buildings. They include the City Hall, Cinematographic Institute, main post office, and the Teatro Rialto.

Hidden gems of Valencia

Although Valencia is a major tourist hotspot, there are still hidden gems that remain unexplored. They include:

● Portal de la Valldigna: This 600-year-old gate was built to separate the Moorish and the Christian parts of the city.

● Moorish Baths: These bath house built in the thirteenth century explains the Moorish history of the city.

● Model of the walled city: It shows how Valencia looked like in the old days.

● The Ruined Hospital: This ruin of a medieval hospital is a quiet spot which remains unvisited.

Conclusion: Valencia is a paradise for tourists due to the attractions and fun activities. It also has spots that remain unvisited by tourists. If you are looking for a dream vacation, then Valencia should be on your travel bucket list.

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