Valravn at Cedar Point
Valravn - Cedar Point

Cedar Point is home to some record breaking coasters. Valravn is the latest to debut at the park. It’s a top-notch thrill ride that’s guaranteed to get your blood flowing.

A lot of enthusiasts will say Valravn was a disappointment. I’ll have to disagree with them. I thought Valravn was an excellent coaster. While not the best at Cedar Point, it still holds up well to the parks coaster roster.

Valravn was the first dive coaster I’ve ever been on. I haven’t had the fortune to ride Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburgh or Sheikra at Busch Gardens Tampa, but, as it stands now, Valravn is going to be tough to dethrone.

It wasn’t until I got to ride Valravn at night that I completely fell in love with this coaster. It might have taken me two years to actually accomplish this, but,
thanks to some complimentary fast passes, my dream becomes a reality early this season.

Valravn’ signature drop is sensational, especially at night. It’s almost a shame you plummet down 200 feet so quickly. You’ll want to take in all of the sights and sounds at the top of the coaster. And while day rides on Valravn are great as well, it’s just not the same as a night ride.

The selling point of Valravn is the 200+
foot dive. It’s a pretty basic dive coaster layout. That’s my biggest fault with the coaster though. Valravn’s competition looks a lot more scenic and well

One thing coasters such as Griffon and Sheikra have going for them is the theming. Both feature ride elements over water, which include a splashdown.
Unfortunately, Valravn isn’t elaborately themed. It doesn’t interact with any water or tunnels, something Griffin and Sheikra do.

Again, I can’t speak on the ride experience of Griffin or Sheikra. If you put either of these two coasters next to Valravn and based your decision on the look of the ride, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll choose one of the Busch Gardens dive coasters.

The lack of theming is Valravn’s biggest downfall. Still, it’s the biggest, fastest, and tallest dive coaster in the world. And that’s something the competition can’t say.

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