Today there are a lot of investment opportunities present and it seems like everyone is trying to sell ‘get rich overnight schemes’. In a day when saving in a bank brings low interest and stock trading is extremely volatile and unpredictable, it is hard to find a proper place to put your money at work. Creating wealth means putting your money to work and having multipliers that increase that wealth over time. Return on investment in those case and security remains important.

Many younger folks that do not trust the banks or the governments are searching for alternative ways of earning money and investing their income. One of such investment alternative is becoming Value Betting. While betting is associated with gambling and something that is ill advised, value betting principles do not have anything in common with gambling since the basics on which it stands are pure mathematics.

Inside Sport portal did a great piece on Value Betting. Fundamentals lie in that you are placing sports bets on a Value price or odd at all times. This means you are getting better % of winning outcome on all bets you take. You will still win and lose some bets, but in the end, in the long run, you will always be profitable. Some people use software to get value bets, and some people use paid betting services to do match analysis for them and send them to value bet advice and predictions.

While banks, portfolios and bonds give you a couple of points of % on a yearly basis when you invest, with value betting your Return On Investment is calculated on every value to bet you place meaning your investment growth can be up to 100. times faster than when using traditional routes of investment. Value betting has already started to be mainstream and the newest trend in combining crypto currencies investing with value betting. It remains to be seen will this synergy of investing make sense in the long run, but first impressions are showing this is definitely the trend and something many millennials are doing.


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