Have you ever heard about Vantage Tag Systems? Well! Don’t bother! Vantage Tag Systems is a global director in the scheme, production, and retailing of fleet management resolutions for the golf industry and advertisement, management, and military purposes. 

The organization was established by a group of people who have committed their professions to fleet administration technologies and led the industry’s most innovative additions. They provide services like fleet, agriculture and products like Pacer, Raptor etc. Everything they do at Vantage Tag Systems displays their core beliefs. They believe in reflection out-of-the-box and questioning the situation. They do this by offering their resolutions stable, easy to use, cost-effective, and essential.

Why Choose Vantage Tag Systems?

  • Vantage Tag Systems has produced the TAG series of products expressing a vital breakthrough as the first totally modular fleet administration resolution for the golf business. 
  • The managing team has over 50 years of experience designing and creating wireless, GPS, and fleet tracing resolutions.
  • The organization has favorably drawn some of the top deals and marketing capability to exchange its products.
  • Vantage Tag Systems’ series of products are currently traded and installed globally in golf equipment and business applications within a preferred distributor usage and support with some of the most popular fleet and equipment composition names.

Services Offered By Vantage Tag Systems


Tag is the golf industry’s unique modular method beginning with the tag button unit. You can examine the TAG command unit’s highest toolkits for safety, the speed of play, geo-fencing, specific activity broadcasting, and many more.


The similar award approaching technology that has become the number one back-end administration mode for the golf industry can take those same advantages of decreased labor expenses and enhanced protection & security to your commercial vehicles.


The TAG AGR has been mainly created to make all of the TAG Fleet Management & Security capacities to any part of the Turf machine or service vehicle. The Superintendent can trace, handle, and gather extensive data on the car within the TAG AGR interface with the TAG AGR.

Military & Government

The Ultimate in vehicle & personnel safety is built to rigorous production and environmental testing patterns; the TAG system gives years of trouble-free maintenance and excellent performance in the most critical situations.

Products Offered By Vantage Tag Systems

Single Rider Pacer

  • Boost revenue for your course with ZERO expenses.
  • Much more extended battery life. Up to six cycles on a single charge.
  • Great club promotion
  • Every PACER appears factory outfitted with the Vantage TAG System and is upgradable to the Vantage infinity screen at any time.
  • Social distancing, unique rider carts
  • Decrease bacteria
  • Firmer speed of play

Single Rider Raptor

  • Easy install to the golf course with at least 4 Raptors
  • Rental plan based on a percentage of 1.75 times a day rent
  • Rental year depending on 262 days
  • Income division to GC of 30%*
  • With buying of infinity system up to 40% tax share
  • Least preservation required
  • Raise Raptor fleet at any time
  • Play game golf and raise POP by a point of 25%
  • Boost baseline
  • Available in 4 colors

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