Living in a small apartment can be as comfortable as in a big one if it is decorated in the right way. The key lies in getting the most of the space available as well as choosing the right furniture for small spaces. Such type of furniture can be acrylic since its transparent design can make the space look bigger. Also, besides this type of furniture, the multifunctional or space-saving furniture is the best choice for small apartments.

Multifunctional or space-saving furniture can be found in so many versatile designs, so you will for sure find the right for your apartment. Here are several designs you can choose from.

  • A compact sofa – This type of sofa can be used as a sofa in your living room and you can easily turn it into a bed for the night time when needed. This is perfect choice when having a guest.
  • A daybed with trundle – Another alternative for a compact sofa in the living room can be a daybed with trundle. A trundle bed is a bed stored under a regular bed, that can be easily wheeled out for use by guests as another bed.
  • A compact coffee table – A coffee table is one of the must-have type of furniture for the living room. A compact one can feature some chairs or some extra storage space. Or there are yet some coffee tables that can extend and thus turn into a dining table.
  • A hideaway bed – This type of bed can do wonders in small bedrooms. Simply pull it down for the night time to sleep and pull it up during the day, so that you can move freely through the bedroom.
  • A compact kitchen bar – A kitchen bar is often found in bigger kitchens, but if you wish to have one in your small kitchen too then you should look for a compact one. This can attached to the wall, so that you can pull it down when needed and pulled back up when you don’t want to use it.
  • A kitchen table and chairs pulled from a kitchen cabinet. – This is just one more great space-saving furniture design for your small kitchen when you don’t have any space for a permanent table and chairs.

To sum up, living comfortably in a small apartment is possible too, if you know how to use every inch of the space available. And choosing space-saving, multifunctional or also known as compact furniture will definitely help you achieve this.

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