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Victor Cruz Re-signing: A Triumph for the Giants

The New York Giants resigned Victor Cruz for a six-year, $45.879 million contract with $15.6 million guaranteed through 2018. The gravity of this signing is huge for the Giants. It keeps Eli Manning’s slot receiver in blue for what will probably be the last run of Eli’s great career. With Hakeem Nicks entering a contract year, keeping at least one of the top two receivers was imperative. Cruz is now a Giant for the foreseeable future and it is a relief to Big Blue Fans everywhere.


As many have said, Cruz is a special player. Cruz’s ability to get open and get yards after the catch is what makes him so dangerous. The speed he has is perfect for Kevin Gilbride’s version of the run and shoot offense. Eli’s arm strength combined with Cruz’s speed is a lethal combination that few corners in the NFL can contend with when Big Blue’s offense is in sync. Cruz has improved in the hands that have had fans frustrated at times and dazzled other times. Even with his decreased production in 2012, Cruz proved he was for real and not a one year wonder. He will be a huge cog in the Giants offense with Nicks and perhaps Reuben Randle. The best part about Victor Cruz is that he is still young and will keep getting better.


The one flaw people notice with Cruz is that sometimes he tends to shy from contact sometimes and that has contributed to his drops. He’ll get over the contact when he is more comfortable out there. It is his third year, but getting used to hits from NFL linemen takes some time. His route-running is pretty good and even with slight technical flaws at times, the speed and agility compensates for any issues. Cruz is a player that is still growing as a leader and is respected by management and the players.  I could see him getting one of the captain spots at some point because of his talent and work ethic.


If it even is possible, Victor’s production may near his 2011-12 totals this coming season. The offensive line was weak last year for the Giants. This year, the o-line is stronger with the additions of 1st round pick Justin Pugh and keeping the effective parts intact. With more time, Eli will be able to make better throws which would equal more stats and generally more effective for Cruz. Their chemistry is strong already and it will only get better as the offense gets its timing back. If everybody stays healthy, the potential for the Giants offense is scary and Cruz will play a huge part in it.


Cruz resigning with the Giants keeps at least one of their big two intact long-term. With Hakeem Nicks’ uncertain contract situation, Big Blue tackled the problem head on. They got Cruz signed for significantly less then he wanted. The Giants are a disciplined organization and when they set a target, they get it. Cruz still got a lot of money, but the Giants got his at the price they wanted in a slot receiver. It is a good deal for both parties. Cruz got his long-term security and the Giants have a franchise receiver locked up airtight for the next six years.  The sky is the limit for the Eli to Cruz show and the thrills will keep on coming.


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