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Video Games: Mass Effect ‘Andromeda’ Will Keep Fans On Their Toes

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The Mass Effect saga continues in unfamiliar terrain. Bioware and Electronic Arts decided to follow in the footsteps of one of television’s most dramatic science fiction epics, Stargate Atlantis.

What happens when an award-winning video game franchise takes this same approach of traveling to a different galaxy and facing a new enemy? There is a good chance that new mysteries, new dangers, and new enemies will bring even more intrigue than sticking with a new enemy in the Milky Way. Bioware and Electronic Arts are being careful to release only a few details as to the plot.

There is speculation that part of the plot involves finding a new home for the human race. Perhaps the damage caused by the Reapers in Mass Effect 3 was worse than what fans before thought. It is not known whether the plot involves digging further into the hierarchy of the Reapers and Collectors–the main enemies in the trilogy.

There will be remains of ancient races in the Andromeda galaxy so that will present a lot of intrigue on its own. There will be unimaginable settlements in the next game so there will no telling what fans will see from one planet to the next. One question that Bioware and Electronic Arts will have to answer is on the alternate ending scenarios presented in Mass Effect 3.

Many fans will enraged that the main hero, Commander Shepard was originally killed in the end. In response to that anger, Bioware and Electronic Arts presented three alternate endings, one in which Commander Shepard survives.

One possibility is that the next game will feature a questionnaire in which the fans will answer which alternate ending they chose and if there was any romance story or stories.

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