When gamers think of the longest video game franchises, they typically think of Madden and Final Fantasy. Will gamers ever look at Mass Effect that same way?  How can Mass Effect be on that level? Will Bioware and Electronic Arts begin work on Mass Effect Five soon after Mass Effect Andromeda’s release?

When the fourth installment of the series, Andromeda comes out next year around Christmas, Bioware and Electronic Arts could start planning for a fifth installment.

In fact, it would be in the best interest of both companies to begin immediate planning on the fifth Mass Effect game immediately after the release of Andromeda. Should Andromeda be as a big hit as expected, fans of the Mass Effect series will be clambering for a fifth game? It could several months or even a year to come up with a storyline for a fifth game so the sooner that Bioware and Electronic Arts get started, the better it will be for them and the fans.

Given the fact that this game is set in the Helius Cluster of Andromeda, it is all too obvious that Bioware and Electronic Arts already have a plan to continue the franchise beyond the fourth game. Exploration is stressed throughout the Mass Effect saga. What area of Andromeda will fans explore in the inevitable fifth game? Bioware and Electronic Arts clearly can’t confirm a fifth game will be made but the clues are there.

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