Choosing a natural stone supplier for your project is an important task. It can make or break the success of your project and provide you with quality products at reasonable prices.

Here are the top 10 tips for choosing a professional stone dealer:

1) Check Their Business License & Tax ID:

Natural stone suppliers need to obtain specific state business licenses depending on the type and number of workers they hire. Some states require separate appointments for different types of businesses, such as wholesalers and retailers. These certificates should be displayed in the dealer’s showrooms. You may also check with the state’s General Services Division (GSO) or Secretary of State for any legal actions that have been taken against companies involved in selling low-quality materials under the banner of premium natural stone suppliers.

2) Visit A Few Showrooms:

Take a trip to the dealer’s showroom and check out their inventory of natural stones. Look for high-quality materials from various manufacturers from around the world. You can also talk to their sales staff about your project requirements and ask them specific questions if you want more information on certain styles, hues or types of natural stones. If they are unable to answer any question, it is probably best not to do business with them. Also, compare prices across natural stone suppliers because the chances are that you might find a better deal at another establishment.

3) Check Online Reviews & Testimonials:

Before deciding which vendor to work with, check online review sites for real-life experiences documented by other customers. If you cannot locate any current feedback, it is advisable not to do business with this supplier. Moreover, these days, many bloggers are offering reliable comments and ratings of the dealers; you can go through them.

4) Consider A Wide Range of Services & Products Offered:

While most natural stone suppliers offer a variety of high-quality materials, some companies expand their service offering beyond just selling stones. Look into the type of landscape design work they conduct or if they have a landscaping division that works on installation projects. Also, find out what kinds of services they provide, such as polishing, sealing and maintenance procedures needed to maintain your flooring over time. Good natural stone suppliers should offer you all types of services from start to finish related to your project needs.

5) Inquire About Special Offers & Rebates:

Usually, during festivities, there are fair chances that you may get supplies at reasonable rates. Hence, inquire about any seasonal or bulk purchase discounts provided by the dealer. Some natural stone suppliers offer a military discount for service members, while others have coupons or gift card specials available online regularly. These kinds of deals allow you to save money while still getting quality natural stones for your home or business project.

6) Consider Their Payment Terms:

Most natural stone dealers accept cash, checks and credit cards, but some may require an initial deposit before working on your order. If they cannot provide immediate installation services, ask them if they can deliver material directly from the factory warehouses without charging extra fees for this convenience. Also, inquire what kind of warranty is offered with concrete countertops and flooring.

7) Ask About the Installation Process:

Ask the dealer if they provide in-house installation services or subcontract this work to third parties. Some natural stone dealers may not have trained crews on their payroll and instead rely on pre-packaged “turnkey” solutions provided by outside teams that they hire on an as-needed basis. These natural stone suppliers may be more expensive than in-house installers, and in case they don’t do a great job, you will need to contact management to get it fixed.


Finding a reputable dealer isn’t always easy, but it’s possible when you know what to look for beforehand. Despite all that has been said about dealing with third parties through Internet marketing companies these days, going back to basics usually helps people make good decisions whenever they buy natural stones for their establishments.

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